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  • Hey, Paul
    (Weird, huh?) You know I even miss the people whom I have quarrels with. :D I don't see you posting frequently like before, and I just thought to say hi.
    yes i do... live and learn...but i should have known better that is for sure
    thank you
    Thanks for the Birthday wishes, folks. It is appreciated. Give the Mrs. a hug Patrick.
    I'm sorry - I'm an American. I find the whole concept of a monarchy a bit amusing. Look, I don't get offended when people trash Bush or Obama or even King Reagan on this forum. I have a pretty low regard for MOST people who consider themselves "public servants" - when their lifestyles imply anything BUT servitude.
    Thanks ladies. :)

    I sure don't feel 55 and fortunately, I don't look 55 and as many here would agree I certainly don't act like 55. :)
    in reference to you post in the Muslim/Hindu thread: so do i, believe me...so do i. enough with the all-or-nothing extremism that is destroying Islam and its people. far too many people think that if the "majority" sees something one way, we all should do the same. where on earth do they get this stuff? it frightens me.
    Thanks for the recommendations MethylatedOne.
    In my wildest dreams, I would not compare them to the Moody Blues.
    Syd Barret? Pink Floyd? I'd suggest people who describe them as such
    really need to get out of the house more.

    I found the first two mildly tolerable, but only got about 23 seconds into the 3rd one before I felt I had heard quite enough. That said, they seem to be somewhat unimaginative, though competent musicians. The vocals were a bit insipid and their lyrics didn't really yank my crank, as it were.
    He Doesn't Know Why
    Heard Them Stirring
    White Winter Hymnal

    Some people I've spoken to describe them as Moody Blues/Syd Barrett Pink Floyd.
    Not sure about that, but there you go :p
    I found a new band to listen to. Fleet Foxes. Immediately thought of you when I heard them first. I think you should check em out.
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