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Wannabe Yogi
Last Activity:
May 11, 2013
Mar 8, 2009
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SF Bay Area

Wannabe Yogi

Well-Known Member, from SF Bay Area

Wannabe Yogi was last seen:
May 11, 2013
    1. Penumbra
      You haven't posted in a while.

      I hope all is well. :)
    2. beenie
      oh i haven't forgotten that Hindus were also naughty, lol. both sides have a lot to regret and much responsibility to accept. unfortunately we don't like to do that and move on. :(

      thanks for the frubals. :D
    3. dmgdnooc
      Thanks for the frubal, cheers.
    4. Civil Shephard
      Civil Shephard
      Thank you Wannabe Yogi... you got me reading about Origen and it's interesting reading on Wiki at least. Is there anything particular about his beliefs that you ascribe too?
    5. Madhuri
      Nice, maybe when I'm in Sydney some time.
    6. Madhuri
      I have found that there is a RamaKrishna ashram about 2 hours from my home. Sometime when I am in the city, I will visit there. I have not known much about this group, but reading what you say and just now reading information on the website I feel very inspired!
    7. arun
      thanks.Swami is very direct in his teachings.I consider his book 'Raja Yoga' as the science of religion.Raja-Yoga is the ultimate practical side of religion.Believe in God,when you see him.What a grand idea.
    8. hindupridemn
      Hello. Would you like to be my Hindu friend?
    9. Breathe
      By the way, is that Kali Maa in your avatar, or another less well known devi? :)
    10. Revoltingest
      You're most generous, but I am unworthy. I try to avoid winning a discussion, preferring to merely convey my understanding.
      If someone understands me but still disagrees, that is success. I appreciate that you are a conversationalist. Cheers!
    11. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      Thank you sir! I look forward to talking and introspecting on God with you.
    12. Revoltingest
      I''m glad you're anti-war. I like the company.
    13. raheja
      hare krishna bro
    14. Akshara Dasa
      Akshara Dasa
      Thanks for your answer. How you put it made some more sense to me, with the whole Jiva/Awareness thing. Thank you very much! :)
    15. Akshara Dasa
      Akshara Dasa
      I have a question if that is alright with you.

      In hinduism what is the difference between Consciousness and Awareness. I read on one Hindu site that Consciousness is the Self, and Awareness is the perceptive ability of the Self, is that the way you see it? Or do you see it differently. Thanks
    16. Antibush5
      Since you seem quite educated in Hinduism, I thought I should ask you.
      I would say that I am a hindu, but I have run into a few snags of things I don't believe in and I was wondering if there was a sect that followed this.
      I do not believe that the bhraman is a god,I believe it is the energy that creates, both good and bad. I do not believe that gods are faces of bhraman, but are just individuel beings.
    17. Orias
      So I take it you cheif then? :D
    18. .lava
      i can relate :)
    19. .lava
      hi :) ihaven't met many people who watched Duma. how did you find it? i found it by chance or destiny; however yu'd like to name it. it takes me back to my childhood each time. i really love that movie so much
    20. Satsangi
      Thanks for the frubals........
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    SF Bay Area


    "Consciousness minus conceptualization is the eternal Brahman." -ValmikiĀ’s Yoga Vasistha-

    "Yato mot, tato path" As many faiths, so many paths. -Ramakrishna-