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  • So there is not just a "Second Coming", but a third and a fourth. Anyway, I like all the things you've posted. You know far more than I will ever know.
    I don't have any idea what to think about Revelation. But, I'm not going to be gullible and believe what Baha'is are saying about it. Like I said, they have a difficult road... they have to show that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and that he is coming back. But not as Jesus, and not just once. But as Muhammad, The Bab and Baha'u'llah.
    Baha'is have such a tough road. They have to prove that their prophet is not only the fulfillment of Islamic prophecies, but of every other major religion. There are so many problems with how they try to do it, because they are essentially saying that they believe in all the other religions, while at the same time pointed out how all the other religions are either wrong or obsolete or both.
    The Baha'is are the ones saying the Umayyad and then the Abbasid dynasty after them are the beasts and the dragons. They get it from "Some Answered Questions" by Abdul Baha. As you probably know he is Baha'u'llah's son and his writings are considered as if from the prophet himself I believe.
    There's a limit of 420 characters, so I'll send another message later.
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