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Vile Atheist
Last Activity:
Nov 21, 2012
Aug 3, 2009
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Ontario, Canada

Vile Atheist

Loud and Obnoxious, from Ontario, Canada

Vile Atheist was last seen:
Nov 21, 2012
    1. Renji
      Just wanna say hi:)
    2. .lava
      have you seen Duma? if not, please do!! that's my only favorite movie so far.
    3. .lava
      never heard of it. downloading X-Men now later i would check if i could find that movie with Spanish subs of course :D
    4. .lava
      tell me one of your favorite movies, please...:)
    5. .lava
      hey baby...i am on my hunger fasting now which mean i haven't been eaten for two days. tomorrow i would continue as well. so if yu do not mind, i rather reply you later. when i am less tired, OK?

      peace my brother
    6. .lava
      he sings it perfectly :D
    7. .lava
      oops...sorry....that's just funny...have you ever listened to 'Fever' from James Brown?
    8. .lava
      young one...would you do me a fever? if yes, would you please use one like that in another expression? can i say old'un for example? or odd'un?
    9. .lava
      what's un stand for when you say i am young'un? is it 2 am there? 2am Saturday?
    10. ayani
      hey, i enjoy talking to you. God bless you, and thanks for your input here. looking forward to reading more of your ideas, too. :yes:
    11. .lava
      sweet dreams
    12. .lava
      yep yep....you are. how do you know about everything you talk about? i mean, do you read a lot?
    13. .lava
      you were 10 only 8 years ago.....WOW
    14. .lava
      oh! you are 18! dear, you are a BABY :D
    15. .lava
      yes, it is OK :)
    16. .lava
      dear, you do not get me. and you do not have to.

      as a Muslim, i am commanded to love even the ones who hate me. that's my path to love and i will. thank God i hate noone but that does not mean i love everyone. i am sorry that i give emotional reaction sometimes and when i do that i do not usually care for what people say. i would explain why but i do not think you would understand. i've tried to explain but you took everything very personally.
    17. .lava
      you can be sure;

      1-i am not mad at you
      2-i do not hate anyone
      3-i believe there is nothing if there is no love.
      4-i do not hold you responsible for the things Western governments do.
      5-i do not hold any society responsible for their governments do.
      6-i do nothink you support war crimes or any kind of crulty.
      7-i DO think your empathy for Western is stronger than yur empathy for Muslims.
    18. .lava
      you do not really get me, do you?
    19. .lava
    20. Madhuri
      It didn't with me either. You have to register seperately. There's a link to do so somewhere on teh announcement thread. Not sure if anyobdy is still chatting, I left a little while ago.
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    Ontario, Canada