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Aug 27, 2011
Nov 15, 2010
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January 15
Georgia, USA


Member, from Georgia, USA

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Aug 27, 2011
    1. zenzero
      Friend VA,

      Welcome to RF!
      Best Wishes.

      Love & rgds
    2. Breathe
      I can TOTALLY understand what you are saying. :)

      If you mean the god of the Bible, it's no wonder. I do not believe the god of the Bible is a god at all; I imagine him as something called an asura: it's a materialistic divinity that is arrogant, war-like, and boastful. It claims it can do more than it can. They are still powerful, but not as powerful as they claim.

      Technically, in Hinduism I most closely identify with the Shakta branch--the worship of the Divine Mother. However, I do not see the Divine mother as female. I do not believe male or female deities are THE Deity. (Shakta sees Brahman and Shakti as one and the same)
    3. Breathe
      Ah, I see what you mean. However, there are definitely Dharmic parallels with all of those. :)

      Neopaganism is good, but they can be so varied it can be difficult to find people with similar mindsets to you. That's my experience, anyway. UU is great, but I think often it's more of an additional belief than a primary one for some, since UUs can be atheist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and so on.

      What do you mean by the Goddess, by the way? Do you believe in a male and female set of deities, or just a female one, or something else, may I ask? :)
    4. Breathe
      Reform Judaism is basically the "belief" of Judaism, with less of the actions such as keeping kosher, less emphasis on the Shabbat and so on. It's an interesting one, but it still relies on the Tanakh (Old Testament). If you don't like Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus etc, then you may have a little bit of a problem.

      Seeing your results, I recommend you look into Mahayana Buddhism. You may be interested in Pure Land or Nichiren Buddhism?

      Sikhism is beautiful, and often overlooked. It's worth looking at the basics. A lot of people get hung up over one issue, but it's not one that's worth worrying about since not everyone does it.

      Quakers and Theravada are nice. Hinduism is awesome, but may/may not be for you. It's incredibly varied, guidance into the 'sects' as well as the philosophical views (dualism or none, etc) are quite crucial.

      Would you be open to showing me your religious views? :)
    5. Breathe
      It can give you an idea, but not much more than that. It's better to put them on the public section so people can give you some ideas where to go.

      Yeah, it's completely normal to be in flux. I'd wake up one morning and feel Pagan, and go to bed feeling Sikh. To some extent, I still do.

      If you'd like to write your religious views on RF, either in the Profile Visitor Messages section, the public forum, or PMs, I'll see if I can give you a nudge in the right direction. :)

      The most important questions are, what are your beliefs regarding God, the soul, the afterlife, how do we associate with God, and so on. Your best bet, I found, is to write them down. Physically, on paper, so you can look at them. Typing them doesn't always help but it can sometimes help. :)
    6. Breathe
      Have you considered the "Belief-o-Matic quiz"? It should give you an idea. Additionally you can write them on the forum and people can offer suggestions, based on what you believe in, such as "I believe in reincarnation", "I believe in one life, and we all, eventually, go to Heaven" etc.

      As one who was a seeker myself, I know how frustrating it is when you don't know where to go. Have you got to the point where your views seem to be in a constant state of flux, yet?
    7. Breathe
      Very welcome. How is your spiritual journey going? Do you have any direction? :)
    8. Breathe
      Welcome to RF :)
    9. Storm
      Welcome to the forum! :foryou:
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    January 15
    Georgia, USA
    I am a bisexual Army wife, married to an eclectic pagan, and trying to discover my own spirituality.