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  • Thanks for the funny frube on Who Has Their Own Equivalent Of Mr Van?
    It is I who should thank you, I enjoy your sense of humor, and your wisdom, so it lifts me up. I think it was Charlie Chaplin that reminded us of this truth: "The most lost day in life is the day we don't laugh. "
    Thank you
    Thanx for the long lasting Festivus celebration froobation.
    And for phlurbing how so many have disappointed us this past year.
    And for the Mr Van equivalent foolbre.
    And for foolbring needing both the motorhome & its sports car.
    And for the couple'o inflationary frubles.
    And for phurballing gun safety training.
    Thank you for the good chuckle. Your humor is one of my bright spots of my day.
    Thanx for the threat to my permanent record frubal (an ancient RF term for a <like>).
    Thanx for the $2 bill furball.
    And for fruballing Mr Burns.
    And for the memorable froobable.
    And for froobling cyber-warfare secrets.
    And for the warm fuzzy safe environment of RF phrubal.
    And for phurballing money seeking out the worthy.
    Hello ValdresRose

    Welcome to RF,

    Thank you for the useful you granted me. I liked your thread, but suddenly I saw that it was in "Buddhist DIR", and I am not allowed to post in there (that's a RF Rule), that is the reason I deleted my reply in your thread (just in time before I got a warning).

    Best wishes
    Thanks, I was looking again for you Post/comment and it was gone. Could you please place you comment in this profile so I could refer to it again. Thanks in advance if you could do that.
    Narcs have extreme low self worth,
    which they try to hide by boasting "how good they are"
    People who have self worth feel no need to boast it
    Narcs feel no love/compassion/empathy
    So they are very lonely/empty
    Money can't fill it

    Narcs hurt others a lot, that does not reflect Self worth
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