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Trey of Diamonds
Last Activity:
Nov 25, 2013
Aug 30, 2006
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Apr 21, 1966 (Age: 55)
Baton Rouge
Technical Support Specialist

Trey of Diamonds

Well-Known Member, 55, from Baton Rouge

Trey of Diamonds was last seen:
Nov 25, 2013
    1. monta
      Thank you :)
    2. monta
      I love Harold Lambs' The Emperor of All Men' I bought a 1st edition (worth £2.50) a couple of months ago, the library copy got me started on Genghis Khan in the first place. But they are chalk and Cheese, Lambs is an adventure story de Hartogs' is more factual but still very interesting.
    3. monta
      Yay another Genghis addict, have you read Leo de Hartogs book on Genghis Khan it is the best one I have read so far
    4. .lava
      thank you very much, that's very kind of you and likewise :)
    5. .lava
      yea i know, i hided it as long as possible but now way too many people know my gender.
    6. .lava
      lava bey? LOL though i am not a "bey" :D
    7. Kathryn
      Thank you - - I'm a very proud mama!
    8. Alceste
      I do know better than to take the bait most of the time, but he's pretty consistent with that sort of misogynistic remark, so I thought I'd go ahead and lecture on behalf of his potential future girlfriends, if any. :D
    9. Stellify
      Hey! I could have sworn I posted this to you earlier, but I guess not. Sorry about that :(

      We're trying to have a Texas meet-up thing sometime this year! Please visit the thread and give us your input on what city, time of year, etc would be good for you (if you're interested in going, that is). Thanks! :D
    10. .lava
      happy new year, Trey of Diamonds :)
    11. jashin
      hi want to be friends
    12. .lava
      that is cool Trey. once a friend of mine invited me to some job. so i started writing stories. i never thought they would be published but they would be out in the market soon. feels strange, unreal but happening. like to write. each story is like a door and it opens wherever you like.
    13. trixiesingalong
      Howdy! I am going to have to spend some time getting to know this site. I joined and didn't know there was other aspects. How fun!
    14. .lava
      hi Trey :) i checked out your comics. you're quite an artist. congrats! did you publish them or is it on the net only?
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    Apr 21, 1966 (Age: 55)
    Baton Rouge
    Technical Support Specialist
    World Traveler and Spiritual Explorer


    <> <> <> Trey of Diamonds <> <> <>
    I write Zombie Films - Project Z

    "If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things."
    ~ Rene Descartes