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The Sum of Awe
Last Activity:
Oct 3, 2022 at 2:48 PM
Jan 23, 2011
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Feb 13, 1996 (Age: 26)
Iowa US

The Sum of Awe

Brought to you by the moment that spacetime began., Male, 26, from Iowa US

The Sum of Awe was last seen:
Oct 3, 2022 at 2:48 PM
    1. religion99
      Just wondering how can I make a post in Jain DIR sticky? Thanks
    2. Me Myself
      Me Myself
      I am good, tx for asking :)
      1. The Sum of Awe likes this.
    3. savagewind
      OK. You're welcome.
    4. Quintessence
      Your welcome! I don't even remember where I got that picture... I wish I could credit the artist. You could say that lady is my alter ego as a worshiper of Storm Spirit. =)
    5. ChristineES
      Thank you for making me laugh. :D
    6. Breathe
      Very welcome. :)
      1. The Sum of Awe likes this.
    7. Riverwolf
      Excellent question.

      I don't actually have any "hard" beliefs about what may or may not happen to our awareness after we die, so the technical answer would probably be "no". But in addition, when it comes to my religion, I don't separate objective existence with subjective mythology. So from a religious standpoint (that is, the standpoint of my whole life), the answer would be "yes".

      So..., yeah, yes and no, just to be COMPLETELY confusing. I don't really have the words to express these thoughts except in art.
    8. Sha'irullah
      You did not know I was the infamous Sterling Archer? This only shows that I am the greatest spy in history ;)
      1. The Sum of Awe likes this.
    9. Vouthon
      Happy Easter to you to Sum! and thank you my friend for the frubal! :)
    10. Breathe
      Thank you for the pro-Heaven Worship frubal. :D Closest term I could think of, off-hand. :)
    11. Breathe
      Welcome :D
    12. Willamena
      I watched it. All that science is beyond me, but I want to caution against the idea that there is a right or wrong picture of the world--science builds models, and each model is only as good as its usefulness, and this one too will be replaced one day when something more useful comes along.
    13. Willamena
      I'll watch it after work today. Thanks.

      The context in which things do not exist when not observed is simply in how we define and use the idea of existence. For instance, Bertrand Russell's teapot (as a metaphor for "god"): the burden of proving such a thing rests on the one making the claim about such a thing. We cannot and should not be making claims about (the existence of) things we know nothing about. I do believe in an objective reality, but not one distinct from what we know about the world (or in other words, "there is no ontology without epistemology.")
    14. 1137
      Hah it's cool, I pretty much just walked out anyways. The whole things is just such a pain because all the people you usually agree with are suddenly blinded by their own righteousness and just don't get it.
    15. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      That's okay. I posted it in a different thread anyway.

      It's just worth posting in more than one place. :D
    16. dawny0826
      You've done a great job in the "Girl gets banned for acting like boy" thread. Way to go!
    17. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      Chdck out post 40, also thanks for the frubal
    18. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      Haha still in jersey. And I never left I just don't post to much but I log in every day. Thanks for the frubal as well.
    19. Sha'irullah
      I forgot to inform you that the US government has now signed the FBI on to monitor all of your toilet usage.
      Have a wonderful day sir and please do not flush so much. Water is a valuable resource afterall
    20. Sha'irullah
      Mr. Gribble, I am here to inform you that any frubals you give out will be monitored by the government.
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    Feb 13, 1996 (Age: 26)
    Iowa US
    This is all actually happening. What the heck???
    DIR Forum Access:
    • Dharmic Religions DIR
    • Pantheism-Panentheism DIR
    i enjoy peeing in the wind


    There's always a way, some have to work harder than others - but by doing so they come out stronger. It's a trend that I've noticed: People that have pulled themselves up from being completely money-broke ended up being better with money, saving more. People that have pulled themselves up from loneliness and low self esteem ended up becoming more confident and independent. People that have pulled themselves up from lack of motivation became better at time-management and more schedule oriented. Etc

    We all have our puzzles in life, figure out yours.
    Enjoy the journey. Grow. Become.
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