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The Spirit of Truth

If God can call me, I believe He can call anyone. I came to God after a vision some forty years ago. For the first forty years of my life, I was an outspoken atheist, berating the street ministries for their naivety. Now, family and friends can’t spend an evening with me where religion does not creep into the conversation. For many years I wondered why God would choose someone who knew no more than Sunday school Christianity, to impart such unique and incredibly important interpretations of what Moses wrote in parables and allegories. That was until I realised that Moses himself would have known practically nothing of the history of the Jews, because he would not even have known he was a Jew for eighty-odd years, and neither did Paul know anything of what Jesus stood for, when God inspired him adulterate 90% of the Testaments of the Disciples. So, it appears that God needs an empty slate to write on, I just accept whatever contradictory thoughts that enter my conscience and then proceed to verify them anyway I can. Whereas, I am sure professionals of any vocation, will reject advice from a lay person that contradicts what they are already the authority on, and already know. Not even God.can inspire professional Christians of anything that contradicts their current beliefs.

I am pleased to say that God still inspires me daily of the Truth of the books Genesis and Isaiah as well as what He wants changed in the New Testaments that God required Paul to introduce, specifically to confuse satan.

I have a number of posts ready for release and welcome all civil comments.
Jun 21, 1940 (Age: 83)
NSW, Australia 2484
Judeo- Christian
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Retired X-ray engineer. Now, Bible interpretation