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  • Thanks for the frube on Which is more likely? Dead blood cells with squishy tissue are millions of years old or not?
    Thanks for the funny on Creationist “Think Tank” To Launch A Weird New Anti-Evolution Video Series
    Thanx for froobing Deeje toying with us lab rats.
    And for the keen observer fruber.
    And for fruballing Wolfgang Pauli's contribution to both religion & science.
    And for the usefulness of physics in control systems frubal.
    And for froulbing vetting astounding claims in the news.
    Thanks for the frube on Why Are Genocides Associated with Evolutionists and Atheists? Coincidence?
    Thanx for the lengthy hat hating frubing.
    And for fruballing Gott mit uns.
    And for the unmarried whelps in the Catholic wing frubal.
    And for froobing pendulum harmonics.
    Hey, FYI, the Admins here have warned us not to rate something funny to be derogatory. I give you fair warning. But don't do it again...I'll report it.
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