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Sultan Of Swing

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  • Thanx for blurfing those war crazy progressives!
    And for the "borscht belt" fruble!
    And for froobing the carnage!
    And for the more good & less evil frubil !
    Thanx for the periodic fruble!
    And for the froolbe based upon authority & honesty!
    And for the SpongeAdolph Squarepants frubal !
    And for phroolbing dealing with what happens!
    Thanx for the buggy donut fruby!
    And for phroobling the many flavors of capitalism!
    And for the public micturation frubation!
    And for furlbing the wish for better presidential candidates (on both sides, btw)!
    Thanx for the entertaining & fascinating election froobection!
    And for furballing things unique to this election!
    Thanx for froubulating the weighing of the candidates' shortcomings!
    And for the non-xenophobic frubile!
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