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Subduction Zone
Last Activity:
Sep 23, 2022 at 11:00 AM
Nov 7, 2017
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Nov 18, 1956 (Age: 65)

Subduction Zone

Veteran Member, Male, 65

Subduction Zone was last seen:
Sep 23, 2022 at 11:00 AM
    1. ChristineM
      Cheers for the frubal on What was the Big Bang, seems the guy is totally loosing what little he had
      1. Subduction Zone
        Subduction Zone
        I knew that from the get go. Do you remember Jim from Topix? He is not nearly as angry but they are amazingly similar.
        May 10, 2018
        ChristineM likes this.
      2. ChristineM
        I considered the possibility from the start and asked a couple of leading questions that he ignored completely several times, which gives me the opinion they are one and the same.
        May 11, 2018
        Subduction Zone likes this.
    2. Revoltingest
      Thanx for fruballing the desired effect!
      And for the "ran the numbers" frubal !
      And for froobing the Zimmerman history correction!
      And for the nature of self defense frubol !
      And for GZ's reach exceeding his grasp!
      And for the food poisoning frubening!
      Meeza thank you for being fruballed!
      And for flurbing a painful meltdown!
    3. ChristineM
      Ta for fruballing Evidence, specifically scientific evidence.
    4. ChristineM
      Thanks for the hunting trump fruble on Trump Insults French
    5. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the threatened post count furball !
      And for froobing the spelling correction!f
      And for the 3 wise men & a virgin frubin!
      And for fruballing the thermite videos!
      And for the personal lubricant frubricant!
      And for fruulbing nuthin upstairs!
      And for the danger of a friendly overture frubature!
      And for flooorbing the actor in all the hoaxes!
    6. YmirGF
      In regards to your comments about drifting politically speaking.

      As I was falling asleep last night I began giggling, "Well, one would expect a certain amount of drift in a subduction zone." :)

      Thought that was quite cute.
      1. Subduction Zone likes this.
    7. Revoltingest
      Thanx for fruballing what Navin Johnson needs!
      And for the terrorist tabby fruby!
      And for flurbing unconscious consent not being consent!
      And for furballing the suspicious offer of candy!
      Thanx for the Trump Nobel Peace Prize frubal !
      And for froobing wealthy congressmen!
      And for the 9/11 conspiracy frubacy!
      And for froobing non-technical debunking of the 9/11 conspiracy theory!
    8. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the peerless frubal !
      And for froobing imprisoning Cosby!
      And for fruballing my formerly secret rich man hatred!
      And for the okapi frubi!
      And for fruballing my demand for pictures!
      And for the recommended hot sauces flurble!
      And for the frubal with vectors!
      And for foorbling bending climate change to our will !
    9. ChristineM
      Thanks for liking What was the Big Bang
    10. ChristineM
      TY for the frubal on From the Atheists view; can life have meaning ?
    11. Revoltingest
      Thanx for froobing tipping!
      And for the R Lee Ermey frubey!
      And for froolbing Syrian bombing questions!
      And for the transfer to another parish frubish!
      And for the ear candle fruble!\
      And for froobing existing threads!
      And for frubling my having seen it all by using Jedi powers!
      And for the income doubling frubling!
      And for the Hitlerian free speech frubal !
    12. ChristineM
      Thanks for fruballing beer
    13. ChristineM
      And the frubals on Can Randomness and Chance cause the Evolution of life are appreciated... Thanks
    14. ChristineM
      Ty for the Don't Try This At Home frubal
    15. ChristineM
      Your Can Randomness and Chance cause the Evolution of life frubal is appreciated

      Edit : frubals
    16. Revoltingest
      Thanx for fruballing buckets of rocks!
      And for the Cosmo frubo!
      And for furballing Chelada!
      And for the frubal devoid of sexism!
      And for the annoying nose rubbing frubing!
      And for fruballing the inexorable formation of political parties!
      And for the Flintstones documentary frubary!
      And for froobing that good ole time atheism!
      And for the tipping froobing!
    17. ChristineM
      Ta for the Refund Department frubal
    18. ChristineM
      And thanks for the other eschatology frubal
      And the Creation vs evolution frubal

      And the Religion is dying in Europe frubal
    19. ChristineM
      TY for the Eschatological canyonero frube
    20. ChristineM
      Thanks for the frubal on What's the difference between "evolution" and "adaptation"?
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    Nov 18, 1956 (Age: 65)
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