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  • I remember seeing your question on my profile before but I don't remember responding and I can't see that I've posted anything on yours, so I'll answer now, hoping I haven't already and my mind is just completely failing.

    Reiðr (pronounced rye-ther, sort of (the th is a hard th sound, as in 'the')) is ancient Norse for angry and œska is ancient Norse for youth. Well, I'm not old and neither am I peaceful! :p

    At least, I believe it's reiðr and œska, not reið and rœska. But a lot of ancient Norse words end in a consonant followed by 'r', so reiðr makes sense I suppose.
    Blue Mosque is truly great building. a visit to Istanbul might not be completed without seeing it :)
    hi from Istanbul to Iceland :) i would like to share this website with you. you may find very interesting concepts of tasavvuf.


    Latter-Day Saint also known as a Mormon, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I hope this helps.
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