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Jul 29, 2017
Sep 6, 2010
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By the sand


Truth, from By the sand

Starsoul was last seen:
Jul 29, 2017
    1. dmgdnooc
      Thanks for the kind word, and the ever rarer frubal.
    2. fatima_bintu_islam
      Ya benti!! I sent you two lessons: 1) hes /shes fine 2) Happy Eid ! :D And how Am I supposed to know that I have to send them on hotmail?? And you can also save the previous messages by copy pasting them :D

      Send me what you want and next time Inshallah Ill send youu the answer on hotmail , cuz if you dont remind me Im not the kind of people who remember by themselves without being pushed and rushed lol . So keep sending me your questions, btw it woulod be better to send them as a hotmail message so it become easy to me to respond on hotmail, deal??

      Kissss :
    3. fatima_bintu_islam
      Eiiiid Mubarak sweet Shza :) , Im so sorry Im late at saying it

      Wait I just remembered that Ive said it earlier on Msn looool, but its worth it anyway :D , dont eat too much meat or Ill not be able to recognize you later :D
    4. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the frubes!
    5. Meow Mix
      Meow Mix
      Hey, what was it about? I start a lot of threads in a lot of places...
    6. Starsoul
      really busy at work!!
    7. dust1n
      Well, ya know.
    8. Badran
      You're most welcome.
    9. Sajdah
      Assalamu alaikum dear sister, I wish you could join with us the social group Closer to Allah, all RF Muslim girls are there :)
    10. Sahar
      hahaha...no problem...but don't forget to send me more frubals when you can :D
      Thanks a lot my sweet sister. :)
    11. A Thousand Suns
    12. Meow Mix
      Meow Mix
      No, being polite is universal :)

      Who said you were pleading when you were being polite and in what context? I hope it wasn't me, I've never intentionally said anything mean-spirited towards you.
    13. xkatz
      He lived in 12th century CE.

      Here is more info if you're interested: Maimonides - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    14. xkatz
      That would be Maimonides :) He was a famous Jewish philosopher/theologian from Al-Andalus.
    15. Sahar
      I liked your posts in the "Top 10 reasons why Jesus isn't God" and wanted to tell you go on. :)
      I wish if I can join.
    16. Kathryn
      Thank you very much for your kind comments on the picture of my son and me! You made my day!
    17. xkatz
      I say either God or Hashem.
    18. Peacewise
      Thanks for the frubals, welcome to the site.
    19. Peace
      When you like somebody's post you frubal him/her and write a message of appreciation. I already fruballed you and you can find that in your UserCP:)
      If you want to fruabl someone you click on the icon on the right of that person's post; the icon is between the report post icon (red exclamation icon) and the number of the post.
      Let me know if you need more clarifications :)
    20. Peace
      Masha'Allah you are a knowledgeable Muslim and your posts are amazing!! May our dear Allah increase your faith and knowlege, ameen! :)
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    By the sand
    Deep blue sea


    Indeed, mankind is in a clear error,a realm of loss, a state of chaos, until their hearts are furnished with the wisdom, that is the Qur'an,the most pristine mirror,so they may reflect.