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Apr 19, 2009
Aug 18, 2008
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SpiritualBeing was last seen:
Apr 19, 2009
    1. CreativeCausations.com
      Hello Spiritual,
      As you enjoy religious debate maybe I could ask you to vote for the legitimacy of a Miracle in 2006. Please have a read of the following page :
      www. creativecausations .com (no spaces) and go to Miracle Vote.
      Take a screenshot of your vote number. I hope to get a lot of votes for this Miracle.
      Thank you.
      CreativeCausations . com
    2. Guitar's Cry
      Guitar's Cry
      I'm on about 13-14ish years. Mostly folk and rock, but I like me a good blues riff now and then.
    3. Heneni
    4. Heneni
      If you go to the sign up thread of the last game...(Mafia: The rise of La Cosa Nostra) the rules are there. Nudge nudge....come on sign up for the new one.
    5. darkendless
      Im not too good at Dragonforce, my fingers don't move that fast. I like to play the Scorpions and In flames, although playing in A tuning is a bit of a challenge in itself.

      I see you also have a good taste in music. I know a lot of people who would kill to meet metallica including myself, you are a very lucky man :)
    6. darkendless
      I am from the sunny Gold Coast. Maybe you've heard of the Surfers Paradise beaches or the amusement parks which are walking distance from my house?

      I also see from another message you play guitar. Which style do you play?

      I love my rock, i have an Epiphone Explorer :D
    7. Guitar's Cry
      Guitar's Cry
      Hi! Hope you're enjoying RF. How long have you played guitar and what style?
    8. Runewolf1973
      Yes, gemstones have a certain "vibrational energy" about them which also effects our own bodily energy. They can be very beneficial for healing purposes.
    9. Runewolf1973
      That is great! Thank you. I am doing really well. How about you?

      I like collecting gemstones to. There is a really cool rock and gem store close to where I live.
    10. Heneni
      I got my avatar from a site called..www.renderosity.com. Check it out! There is some really great stuff on there. There are some not so good stuff there as well. It has about half a million members.
    11. Heneni
      I really dont know. Sorry i cant be of more help...
    12. MoonWater
      k, I'll be sure to look into them when I get the chance. Thanks
    13. MoonWater
      lol, we'll see. I might be able to bump them up a bit since most of the books on my list happpen to be non-fiction novels and as much as I enjoy the subjects within them it can be hard to concentrate on reading them for longer than an hour. Do the books follow eachother like a series or is each book like it's own episode? Where would you reccomend I start?
    14. MoonWater
      Thanks. No i haven't read any of the dragonlance books but I've certainly heard of them and plan on reading them at some point. Though It might take me awhile as I've currently got a reading list a mile long:p. I completely forgot I was a part of that group actually. lol. I'll have to go in their and post some stuff.
    15. Heneni
      That is a nice avatar. Welcome back! Hope you have been doing something interesting.
    16. blackout
      Ok, CB. Just so you know,
      my comment board is as non-christian as they come.
      (and I make no appologies)
      But I like 'yer art folios, and you seem nice enough. ;)

      So come on in...... :D
    17. DallasApple
      Um...Good for you for pole dancing...thats what I would say...


    18. MysticSang'ha
      Thank you CB. I appreciate your support and your compassion. :hug:
    19. Heneni
      Hi there, just had a look at your spiritiual art album. Nice I like the last one the most. Cool. Put some more up when you have time.
    20. zenzero
      Friend CB,
      The only question I had asked was as to how you were indoctrinated offically into zen?
      Lessens etc. are already in possesions.
      Love & rgds
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    Child: "Father, is there another name for a Deep Fried Mars Bar?"
    Father: "Yes son, it's also called a Heart Attack."
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