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  • oh hey. if you want to frubal a post, you look for the scale icon (personally i think it looks like a snowflake! :D) on the post you want to frubal. it's on the upper right hand corner of the post.
    It's a 1200 Harley Sportster - the other love of my life!
    I've been at it. I gave it highway pegs, a bigger custom tank with old bar and shield badges instead of the stickers, a new saddle and new handlebars. I took the sissy bar that I had on it off - but it'll go back on for herself in the summer. My daughter says I spend as long playing with it as I do riding it- but that's part of the fun! There's a big Harley rally in Killarney every summer. If you come home these days you should go - it's great.
    I'm living near Tralee. I've been here nearly 15 years now. I came here the roundabout way, I'm originally from up the country but I'd gone down under and a tangle with Aussie immigration meant I landed back here. I didn't think it at the time, but it was lucky for me.
    Do you come back these days?
    Any big trips planned on the bike for the summer?
    That's cool. Indians are the business. I don't know what it is about American bikes - there's nothing like them. I can imagine keeping my Sportster forever, I've made it just how I want and it's perfect.
    I'm curious where you came about the slan, are you from an Irish background?
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