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Dec 21, 2014
Dec 24, 2007
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Somkid was last seen:
Dec 21, 2014
    1. Somkid
      Thanks Zenzero, I'm much more comfortable at e-sangha where I can learn and grow instead of having to defend myself.
    2. zenzero
      Friend Somkid,
      All enlightened people in history are only very few compared to the population but still all of them like Buddha, Jesus strived for their whole life to share what they understood. They never gave up stating that these are fools who do not understand what I am saying. They are also ME as WE are all part of the same. One cannot discard my own mother, wife or family for any reason likewise for all our human broethrs. We cannot discard anyone for not understanding us. We have to make ways and means for them to understand. We lack the communication skills not they listening skills.
      Any case, you are your own master. Take care. Always am here for you.
      Love & rgds
    3. zenzero
      Friend Somkid,
      How are you?
      Miss your posts here.
      Found you have deleted your message to me.
      Kindly remeber, that am always there to share with you; do not hesitate for anything.
      Love & rgds
    4. Guitar's Cry
      Guitar's Cry
      Would love to see you on again!
    5. zenzero
      Long time no hear?
    6. Scuba Pete
      Scuba Pete
      It's one of the reasons I have asked you to be a friend. I miss your posting!
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