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I believe in the ONE TRUE God: The Father, YHWH, He whom Jesus called, ‘My God and Your God’.

I believe in Jesus Christ as the LAST ADAM, a human Being:
  • Made in the manner of the FIRST ADAM
  • Sinless and Holy as was the first Adam before he sinned - (Luke 3:38)
  • Anointed with Holy Oil of Gladness (Namely the Holy Spirit of the Father) and as such could make use of the Father’s Holy Spirit for good (The error many make in claiming Jesus was God)
  • That was unbeliever on by God’s preferred nation, humiliated, flogged, beaten, and died for for the everlasting sin of the first Adam which would have condemned all mankind no matter what how ‘good’ they were. We are all now responsible (to live or be destroyed) for our own personal sins
  • That Jesus was raised by God, the Father by the Father’s Holy Spirit, which Jesus called upon from the Father to raise Lazarus
  • That Jesus is now raised up to heaven as a Spirit Man (no ‘Body’) seated in place of his Father to rule until the world is set to rights... the power and authority given to him by his Father to accomplice this, he will GIVE BACK to his Father when his role is accomplished
  • That Jesus will later RULE as Judge over all mankind and GIVE EVERLASTING LIFE to those whom he deems worthy in God, his Father: hence he will be their ‘Everlasting Father’ as prophesied in Isaiah. ’Father’ means:
    • ‘He who gives life to’
    • ‘He who creates’
    • ‘He who brings forth...’
    • ‘He who is head’
  • Finally, Jesus will rule AS ’the GOD’ OVER CREATION: ‘Firstborn over Creation’. ‘Firstborn’ being different from ‘First Born’ which is chronological... ‘Firstborn’ means:
    • ‘Most Beloved of the Father’
Being, ‘the God’ over Creation is not to be seen as ‘ALMIGHTY GOD’ but that the word and TITLE, ’God’ is SIMPLY A WORD like MONARCH, JUDGE, KING, MAJESTY, Sovereign... in a contextual setting. Our ALMIGHTY GOD is pointing to our belief in a single deity who is ‘ABOVE ALL OTHERS WHO ARE CALLED GOD(s)’... therefore Jesus being called ‘God’ does not claim he is ‘ALMIGHTY GOD’ but only that ‘BY CONTEXT’ he is RULER, MAJESTY, SOVEREIGN, JUDGE over CREATION but not EQUAL to ALMIGHTY GOD who is ruler over the GREATER KINGDOM OF THE SPIRIT HEAVEN. Creation is a LIMITED KINGDOM in relations to THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM.​
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