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Sep 26, 2013
Oct 4, 2008
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Shaiva, from Indiana

Shaiva was last seen:
Sep 26, 2013
    1. Breathe
      Hey Shaiva! I'm great thanks, my man. How are you?
    2. Breathe
      Any time! :)
    3. Breathe
      Sounds good. Your views are quite similar to mine, really: this world is the "creative play" of God, putting it simply. :D

      Eastern spirituality, well, it's been a default through my life. I was not raised in religion, I didn't even find out my parents' religions until I was 19 and 20 respectively. I just used the net, read, learnt, studied and so on. I've been practising Buddhism since I was 13, except for a brief while when I "tried" Christianity which didn't work out. When I was "out of" Buddhism for a while, I then encountered the dreaded "pop Buddhist" and "nihilistic Buddhist "phenomena: you know the kind, "Buddhism has no soul, and you don't live past this life, blah blah blah". This was so alien to me, and it was sputtered around so matter-of-factly it took me a while to feel comfortable considering myself Buddhist again. Now, I don't give a crud: Among my Hindu and Sikh-ness, I'm also "Positive" (theistic) Buddhist and proud. :D
    4. Breathe
      I'm glad you liked my explanation!

      Awesome. I don't wear a tilak myself, though. I'd like to, but I don't think I'm 'brave' enough to. I love Lord Shiva, too. He is one of my favourite devas, but I also like Durga and Kali, too. :)

      How did you get into Eastern religions, may I ask?
    5. Breathe
      Dharmic Syncretism, I have combined Buddhism (Mahayana mostly, but also Jonangpa and possibly Thai Dhammakaya), Hinduism (I lean towards Shakta and Shaiva and have some Smarta-leanings, but not so much Vaishnava), and Sikhism (but without the "Rehat Maryada"). If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. :)
    6. Breathe
      Fine too, thank you. :)
    7. Breathe
      Haven't seen you on for the longest time! I don't think we ever really spoke, though. How's it going? :)
      Harebol from Australia
    9. santdasji
      JAi Swaminarayan,

      liike ypour posts. Also you are white but that doesnt mean you cannot be allowed into a temple or anything. Those that say or disaalow such are anti vedic themselves. The sanatan vedic dharm (today known as hindusim) is for all mankind.

      Jai Swaminarayan.
    10. Luminous
      you were born agnostic, weren't you?
    11. Runewolf1973
      For sure. Animism to me is about understanding the connectedness of all things. To me the "spirit" world is not supernatural. It is merely another naturally existing energy in the universe. I don't worship any Gods or deities, I worship Existence. Everything that exists is energy in one form or another and is constantly changing form. That energy that is in all things, that "animates" all things is what I consider "spirit". Shamanism is about gathering that energy and learning to use it for healing purposes. Even illnesses and diseases are manifestations of energy in one form or another, therefore they can be treated by properly directing that energy. Thank you for the questions.:)
    12. Runewolf1973
      I like your point of view.
    13. Heneni
      Hello and welcome to the forum!
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    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Aum Namah Shivaya