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Scarlett Wampus

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  • I agree but I am really just curious about what people think of their own religion. I don't think anyone who thinks they have evidence is going to contribute though.
    Oh hey Katiafish, you didn't upset me :) That thread just presented me with a problem in that I wanted to express something I simply couldn't, so I had to bite my lip and quieten down.
    I am sorry if I have upset you somehow, I am merely trying to understand a very complicated concept.. Thank you for your participation.
    This is indeed of sublime importance. One day children will laugh at the idea of whoopie cushions that caused embarrassment to the sitter instead of bringing the peace of birdsong.
    I staunchly believe society would crucially benefit from whoopie cushions designed to reproduce bird songs and/or the scream of eagles. How about you? Would you not agree this is an issue of sublime importance?
    Hi there :) I shouldn't really be checking in here because I'm at work but I argue I'm perfectly capable of multitasking if someone catches me and complains.
    Hey , you are the second one who frubaled me on the forum ,i saw you online few minutes ago ,and i thought it's a good i idea to drop by and say " Hello "
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