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  • The answers I get are not in line with other people's answers . I do not listen to other people instead of God and it takes some skill to make mute preconceived notions of your own and of others. Start new is my suggestion. He is making all things new so be there.
    I don't listen to to much outside of my own god inspired intuition. I have a passion for Spiritually/Religion and Philosophical topics. I'm intrigued by what others discovered and I always have millions of questions.
    Hey savethedreams

    Since the thread was going to go off-topic, I decided to write it to you

    So that is kinda confusing...because an atheist did tell me an atheist is one who doesn't believe in no reincarnation, karma, magic, curses, fairies, talking animals...

    I believe in it all.

    But also God...God is defined as a supernatural forces responsible for the universe, that doesn't mean 'religion'.

    If this is your view, them have you considered not following a religion, but being spiritual? Is it the exoteric, cultural, institutionalized aspect of religion that you dislike, but not the beliefs, or something else?
    Aww... that sounds very sweet! ^__^ And the fact that you are accepting of my Vaishnava ways is a very attractive quality. :) You are a very sweet, young man. :p
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