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  • I'm good thank you bhai. Today is Maha Shivaratri, but my wife and I will not be going to mandir or even our class. Our babysitter has a party to go to, so we're staying in with the kids. :D
    Hey SageTree! Haven't seen you on for a few days. Hope everything is going well for you! :)
    Sounds awesome!

    I haven't really started celebrating any of the Hindu festivals--at least not yet. I wouldn't know where to start, to be honest! I tend to be rather stingy with festivals, but I'd like to start following the Wheel of the Year. Must be the Pagan in me. :D
    I did. I think it's crazy to say something like that.

    Thanks for the friend request also :)
    Friend ST,
    Thank you!
    good, better, best??
    all the same, its tasteless rather tastes all the same!
    Take Care!
    Love & rgds
    Hehe, of course I'm asking. I ask a lot as you know. :D

    I'm pretty good thanks! I've come down with a slight cold today though which is kind of annoying, but it's nothing too major. I think I need to a shave.

    Got any book recommendations?
    Best of luck. :)

    He died from a heart attack, terrible. Hopefully he is at peace though. I admired him a lot.

    Where did you relocate to, if I may ask?
    Yeah, I know it's confusing. :(

    xkatz and I changed them recently , in honour of someone on Religious Forums who used this avatar who recently passed away.

    How are you doing, by the way? :)
    Had a good day. Went to Welsh class, and was bored.

    I'm ahead there, but I know as soon as I skip one lesson I'm going to be behind.

    Toronto, eh? My great-grandparents were illegal immigrants from Canadia :D
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