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Sep 23, 2021
Aug 2, 2010
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December 3


Spiritual Friend, from Florida

Premium Member
SageTree was last seen:
Sep 23, 2021
    1. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      borchacho. skype me while cooking?
    2. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      I was at work 2 hours ago.
    3. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      lets skype?
    4. sandandfoam
      Hey there! Good morning to you too. From your posts it seems like everything is extraordinarily positive in Canada. That's great.
    5. apophenia
      Thanks for the 'inconclusive eternity' frubal. Easily misinterpreted as nihilism, but actually a realisation which helped me undo some of the classic 'eternal' mumbo jumbo.
      That's a very nice profile pic. Michael Leunig is Melbourne's beloved guru.
    6. Vouthon
      Cheers for the frubal Sage :)
    7. swamplizard
      Hi Sage, how's it going?
    8. Gjallarhorn
      He knows who will feed his ego and who won't. It's kind of a compliment.
    9. Vouthon
      Quite right my friend, I can be forgetful at the best of times ;) But I haven't this time. I simply wish to ponder my reply. I want it to be a meaningful one, if you get my drift, as opposed to a platitude.
    10. Vouthon
      Hello Sage, Yes I did! I'll give you some thoughts tomorrow :)
    11. Vouthon
      Hi Sage, I've been away from the forum for a little while so I might have missed it. I'll have a check back though and read :)
    12. Vouthon
      Thank you for the frubal Sage, you should give me a PM and let me know how things got on with your monastic calling. I'd be interested to hear :)
    13. danieldemol
      Thanks for the add Sage :)
    14. Me Myself
      Me Myself
      Thats one enterteining grattitude :D
    15. Straw Dog
      Straw Dog
      Yes, I'll have to check that book out some time. Thank you.

      As for the Friends, I've still been going ocassionally. I enjoy the atmosphere and have found some like-minded folks. I consider the Inner Light to be symbolic of our potentiality, but don't put any stock in theology. I realize my views are fringe, but still feel comfortable sharing them.
    16. GURSIKH
      :hug: Big bro,seems busy these days ..
    17. Shiranui117
      Yes, I'll be sure to do that. :) I am curious as to how you did though. :D
    18. Shiranui117
      Interesting. I'm quite sure Fr. Paul has connections to St. Gregory's, and used to make candles there.
    19. Shiranui117
      My spiritual father, or my biological father? Also, Father Paul who? The pastor at the parish I attend while in Bowling Green is named Father Paul Gassios. Is this the Father Paul of whom you were speaking? My biological father is neither named Paul nor an Orthodox priest, lol.
    20. Shiranui117
      It's good to have you back. :D I would have liked to go, but sadly, our cars are not in the best of shape. I do look forward to hearing about your time there, and how/whether it has impacted you. My prayers are with you as well.
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