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Aug 5, 2018
Jan 24, 2009
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rusra02 was last seen:
Aug 5, 2018
    1. natasha levchenko
      natasha levchenko
      sorry,circuit overseer.my English is poor((((

      there are not many native speaking people/usually a few people come to preach and leave soon
    2. natasha levchenko
      natasha levchenko
      i hope she will be fine soon) this week we are receiving a circle overseer.(i don't know if it is correct to say so) we are all very happy.he is from Canada
      1. rusra02
        Circuit overseer. Cool. Are there many native English speaking people in your country? People from USA or British?
        Nov 9, 2016
    3. natasha levchenko
      natasha levchenko
      it is a great pity
    4. natasha levchenko
      natasha levchenko
      did you get the message?
      1. rusra02
        Yes, thanks. We have moved back to Florida. My wife needed a knee replacement and so we decided to move back. How are things going for You?
        Nov 8, 2016
    5. natasha levchenko
      natasha levchenko
      hi!!it is great to have a line from brothers and sisters from all over the world)) Ukraine is ok now,but things are changing all the time. How is Mexico? how people react to the truth?
      1. Hockeycowboy likes this.
      2. rusra02
        We concentrate on people who speak English. While Mexicans are very interested in the truth, foreigners are not so much. Still, we recently became a congregation and have 28 publishers.
        Apr 14, 2015
        Hockeycowboy likes this.
    6. Nada
      jw.org now has live broadcasting online as of saturday Oct 4th 2014.Spead the word.Jehovahs celestial chariot is on the move:)

      Jehovah's Witnesses BROADCASTING
      1. Hockeycowboy likes this.
    7. Jensen
      Thanks for the "well said". I tried to give you frubals but it wouldn't let me.
    8. MurphtheSurf
      JW eh? This place could use more of us.
    9. Storm
      Welcome to the forum! :foryou:
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