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  • Thanks, mate. I found the book, Financial Fiasco, through the CATO institute. While I have fundamental disagreements with CATO, they are at least an intellectual organisation and not as repugnant like Modern Conservative think-tanks.
    Hey, can you recommend any good books on the 2008 Great Recession from a liberal (libertarian) perspective?
    Thanks, later on U will know more about my thoughts. I am a bignner in religious forum.
    I am a medical doctor intersted in comparison between certain verses of Quran & science.
    Sweet gorilla of Manila, you didn't know!?! It's like the best news I have had in a long time! :D
    I love your profile picture! It's so symbolic for the comeback in 16 days :)
    No, I was talking on this forum in the general religious debates. I took a jab at them when talking about Christian conduct.
    Hey Tom, come on over to "Questions for Christians" thread and help me beat up on TK Kelly and GoG.
    No problem. Your posts are something special really, i rarely see this ability of being neutral, and understanding of others. I really appreciate it.

    I guess being revolting is a compliment? Sadly, I'm not at all revolting.

    Weird, yes.

    Care-free, yes.

    At times annoyingly happy, sure.

    But I can't say revolting is one. However, I'm sure you'd get a different response if you asked one of my ex's. :p
    Re - A socialist is someone willing to put your money where his mouth is.
    Now that's funny! nice one did you make it?
    No worries. I agree- some debates just won't die and it's silly when I agree with a good 99% of what most libertarian/atheists online and irl have to say so to debate that economic difference is like arguing over a favorite band. :)

    And anyone who has groundskeeper Willie as an avatar is automatically cool. :D
    You're welcome. I'm actually interested in learning from others! Many seem to be here to teach others.
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