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  • I hope my explanations were satisfactory for you. If they made much sense that is. :p

    I also read your thread in the Catholic DIR and if you'd like I can pray for clarity and openness to the Divine for you, in hopes that would help. If you'd rather I didn't because of our difference in faiths that's up to you though. The offer is there.
    Oh another thing. What you experience is fairly very natural for persons who are progressing spiritualy. As I´ve heard it is very natural for people studying to be priests to experience this for some days, a week, or some time and it is generaly called the "dark night of the soul" or something like that from where I come.

    I make a paralel with what happens with general meditation (that is also for deepening one´s spiritual understanding, and also helps mantain balance, make oneself more compasionate and pure, etc). In meditation, I´ve heard that some people stop when they stop feeling the effects of relief and joy they felt after some weeks of meditation, but this is a ironic mistake, as when you are not feeling "Anything" is when you are actually progressing ore in your spiritual journey.

    Just some thoughts :D
    The only ritual I plan to do for this magic is to join my hands and ask Jesus to lovingly show you his grace, if you are okay with it ;)

    It´s cool, I like well thought answers :p
    Hey man! sorry for what I heard in the Catholic Dir abuot your spiritual conecton lately. I hope it passes soon.

    If you don´t mind somebody with incredibly different believes than you praying for you, I may do so :)
    Ah, and it´s okay, take all the time you feel right, so you can think what you say and well, cause it´s not a race anyways :eek:

    Sorry if I made you feel pressured :eek:
    I like it be that anyone can contribute, it´s just I asked you cause I saw you replying in the "Who´s online" thingy and was curious of your response :D

    It is most probably getting confrontational, so I believe a debate section is most appropiate. :D
    Would it be stalking if I told you I was anxiously waiting for your reply on the magic and catholicism thread? :eek:

    Naturaly, it is for you to answer or not, but I am very curious about general christian perception to what I see as a pink elepphant in the room. So it would be nice to have a discussion about it if you wish :D
    lol thanks for the frubie and the comment. sometimes it's good to turn the table around.
    The next comic we're doing we will be posting on Facebook but we are hosting it from another site. If you are on Facebook just friend me (Patrick Cardero) or Rizza and you will be able to see the comic. If you aren't on Facebook I will come on Religious Forums and give you the address to the hosting site. We were shooting for a January 1st preview date but it might have to pushed up to no later that Feb 1st. Stay tuned.
    Hi Lawrence. Rizza has been busy filling cake orders. She sometimes has an order every weekend plus she is doing the computer work for our new comic. There was talk about posting the new comic on RF but we both feel that due to some of the content (language, adult situations) that it wouldn't really fly on RF. I have been busy pncilling and inking the comic so I haven't had the time to even visit the internet. I hope all is well with you and I want you to enjoy the holiday weekend.
    We are doing fine. Rizza is busy with holidays. Good to see and hear from you Lawrence.
    If you install YM, you can still use your same email address for both, if you want. My MSN is my gmail account after all.
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