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Last Activity:
Sep 22, 2009
Sep 15, 2008
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Feb 7, 1981 (Age: 39)
vancouver canada
student, landscaper


Active Member, 39, from vancouver canada

ranjana was last seen:
Sep 22, 2009
    1. Caladan
      Yeap, first 3 years of Uni practically flown by, just like anything else I guess :D

      environmental design sounds very interesting. I've taken a few ecology/environmental archaeology courses. when my sister was still doing her degree she's done her final thesis on eco architecture.
    2. Caladan
      Heya ranjana,

      Just popping in to ask how's your physics studies coming along?
      and how you are in general!

      Im aiming to finish my BA in archaeology this summer. and seems that I'll be starting the Master's if all goes well. ;)
    3. Caladan
      OOh physics over social butterflying! looks like the universe is closing in on you! :D

      where to in Israel do they move?

      our summer is HOT here, im wearing sandals as we speak ;) Im aiming at finishing my archaeology degree this summer.
    4. Caladan
      LOL ranjana. nothing like exams period to gather some energies :D

      what are you up to ATM?
    5. Caladan
      Hey ranj ;)

      Seems like you've been away for a while, drop me a line when you see this, let me know how things are.
    6. Caladan
    7. Caladan
      Hey ranjana,

      just snooping around to see how are things? ;)
    8. Sunstone
      WHOOT!!!! <----- Shown smaller than actual size.
    9. Caladan
      Heh that kind of threat by him is very low class.
      maybe he'll learn something from this as well, but I sure hope it would be as a result of mental torment which will be followed by understanding how to treat other human beings :D
    10. Caladan
      Well, enlightenment or not, do good unto your enemies or not. you have to admit that there is something rewarding about knowing that he has to deal with the situation he idiotically created. cheated fiance? for a couple of years? na ahh..
    11. Caladan
      Hey! if you want to chit chat and torment me about taking shots at the juvenile world of men, I'll be more than happy to take it. :D
    12. zenzero
      Friend ranjana,
      Glad for your understanding!
      Its a new moment to BE.
      Love & rgds
    13. Sunstone
      LOL!!! I know what you mean! You wouldn't believe how many times I've had to re-write an initial post to make it polite enough to get past my conscience. :D
    14. Sunstone
      That was a good post in the expanding universe thread, by the way. But I'm out of frubals!
    15. Sunstone
      I was about to write when I noticed I had a message from you! We should chat soon! Glad to hear you've got at least one interesting course.
    16. Sunstone
      Hi Gorgeous! How have you been? :)
    17. Caladan
      As I've been hit by a drive by 'IT' assault.. ..

      Tag, you're it! No tag backs allowed!
    18. ben d
      ben d
      Thank you ranjana, yes you have put that nicely,.."it is all the unfolding of one thing etc.....". I also like methylatedghosts' comment, "I can't see that "good" or "evil" exists other than in terms of that which people agree or disagree with." as it sort of highlights the subjective nature of this dualistic sticky trap. As long as it takes is right on, the wheels turn slowly, but they turn surely,...and they grind exceedingly fine. Cheers ranjana :)
    19. Sunstone
      Nice pictures! Looks like you had a great time!
    20. zenzero
      Friend Ranjana,

      Missed your party as am back today after a break.
      Keep smiling.
      LOve & rgds
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  • About

    Feb 7, 1981 (Age: 39)
    vancouver canada
    student, landscaper
    meditator and lover of life!


    Be free from painful concepts...
    you should be free from ignorance.
    Any concept that removes your ignorance
    is a first-class teaching. Adopt it.
    -Swami Shyam:eek:m:
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