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May 31, 2012
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Active Member, from Norway

    1. Shuddhasattva
    2. Orias
      Your welcome. And yes they are aware, my dad never said much nor did he really give a reaction besides his obvious ignorance on the matter. My mom realizes that its probably actually the best thing for me, in terms of my own well being and self gratification.
    3. Orias
      I'm glad to hear that. There are some very intelligent and wise people here, that both of us can learn a lot from!
    4. Orias
      We have tissues for issues, when we want to get something accomplished thats good for the both of us is when it matters. I will always kind of agree and disagree, and chose to see the opposite side. And I'm telling you the LHP DIR can be interesting at times. Though the forums in general are wonderful thing. You best stick around for a while :D
    5. Orias
      Precisely :D
    6. Orias
      Kind of. I would never go and do something like that myself (though I've often thought about it). Its more of a psychodramatic thing. I think the most important part of wielding a weapon or being aware that you are a physical threat to others is by knowing how to not use it.
    7. Orias
      No worries, I'm not easily offended. I personally, am more warrior like because I have to be, with what I want to do(and its just how I am). I feel the LHP emphasizes this, for my own personal understanding. Threats are enemies, and I see few of them and Christians are not one (not often at least).
    8. Orias
      For the same reasons pit bulls were breed for war.
    9. Orias
      I agree, but I also think that those things are almost necessary. The two tend to representatives of the LHP.
    10. Orias
      Skim through this. I think it was around the late 80's and early 90's, church burnings and crazy stories of such :D
    11. Orias
      That sucks dude, have you ever heard of the Black Metal Movement? And I'd say its because no one likes to listen, our representatives are all about the vote rather than the action.
    12. Orias
      Ha, well I have Scandinavian heritage, but I'm American. Even though my country makes me feel silly sometimes. :(
    13. Orias
      Dark Throne is good. Dimmu is from Norway and Amon Amarth is from Sweden. You aren't much younger than me you know :D
    14. Orias
      Well I hate genres honestly, and I am very picky of metal. I enjoy instrumentals and symphony as well. My favorite bands are Amon Amarth and Dimmu Borgir though, and this Australian band called Be'Lakor :D
    15. Orias
      I see, a little bit lighter on the metal spectrum. I personally am capable of enjoying all forms of music, metal just appeals to the adrenaline I don't see in other forms or styles.
    16. Orias
      Well you always had to give frubals to another person before you could give it to the same person but yes. But to be honest I have earned my fair share :D
    17. Orias
      Do you listen to black metal friend? :bat:
    18. Orias
      Back then there were many frubals, and people were even given frubal powers, the more frubals you had the more you could give. Unfortunately our abuse of them got it taken away from us :p
    19. Orias
      Ha, I'll be honest, the forums then were a bit different than they are now. Most of them I obtained through an orgy of a post. LITERALLY.
    20. jasonwill2
      yep, with my machete that has "HA-SATAN" grinded into the side xD The best recent pic I had on me at the time and put it on facebook and thought "I might as well make this my new avatar on RF"
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