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  • It gets old to read ridiculous posts about women's supposedly being "less smart"/"less rational" than men, doesn't it? I'm not even a woman and I'm tired of them already.

    I think you're doing a great job of dismantling those misconceptions, though. :yes:
    Sam Harris is extremely good at putting his thoughts into spoken words. I think some of his spoken arguments are more articulate than a lot of people's written material.

    Also, I laughed at "Now, granted, for many men it may require a degree in philosophy to see something wrong with these images." That was brilliant and true. :D
    I found it! We DON'T all see the same colours say scientists as they claim one person's red is another's blue | Mail Online
    Yup, i can do anything.

    No, it's more like i'm all positive and chill, see the best in everybody, spreading love, like i'm a hippie or something along those lines. May be walking on water too, though.
    Can i get both a hug and a fist bump? What do i need to do to make that happen?

    When i'm buzzed, i'm like Jesus. That's how people describe me.
    Hey, there must be balance. I highly praised you and pointed out an alarming character flaw at the same time, even if the character flaw is fabricated. That's how i roll.

    Touch-feely Lyn! Now that's something i wanna see. Did you ever hug someone inappropriately? 'Cause you'll make my day if you did.
    That'd mean most of your posts were buzzed, which is just not going to work!

    I'm guessing certain kinds of posts. Like, a post where you were nice, or something.

    That's more like it. Something rare!!
    Well that's not fair. But we don't necessarily need your help! We only need me.

    I'll prove it. To both you and me, that buzzed Lyn posted those posts.

    If i can't, well, i'll consider my loss in that inherently unfair bet okay since it's your birthday.
    You watched Cosmos on your birthday? That's like going to church on Saturday, only it's much worse! I hope at least you juggled a little bit. Just a bit.

    Neil deGrasse isn't such bad company, though. So i'll give you that.
    Birthday girl!

    So what are you up to? Drinking some wine as you juggle presents? Eating vanilla ice cream or even a birthday cake?!

    What naughty things are you doing?!
    It's comfortably a new day here where i live, and given that i don't suppose your time zone is necessarily identical to the forum's, and that you might read this a little later rather than right as i post it, and that i can't wait any longer, i'll just go ahead and say it!


    Happy Birthday, Lyn!! I really hope it's not like 11:55 PM as you read this! 'Cause that'd be like, totally unfair.
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