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Dec 25, 2018
Jul 15, 2010
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United States
engineer, freelancer


Veteran Member, Female, from United States

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Dec 25, 2018
    1. Sunstone
      Do you feel up for a chat?
    2. Sunstone
      I've started blogging again. Haven't posted anything very interesting yet.
    3. Sunstone
      Would you be up for a chat?
    4. Sunstone
      I'm glad you got to go! You've been so busy!
    5. Sunstone
      Wow! I love that "Sunset Sailing Album"! It must have been gorgeous!
    6. Badran
      I'm an artsy guy.
    7. Boyd
      Thanks for the frubal. I've been a fan of comics since a young adult.
    8. Sunstone
      Lyn, I've got to learn from you to use Google much more often than I do. Since I spent most of my life without it, it doesn't always occur to me to use it. Thanks so much for the link!

      What I'm thinking now is that I have three young nephews I can use as trials for this experiment. I'll see them at Thanksgiving, and maybe I can get them to pose for me. If all goes well, I'll know by Christmas or so whether this is an art style that I can work with.

      A possible advantage of using my nephews is that all three live in above-average income communities. If I do a good job, they'll show their friends. Maybe some of their friend's parents will want the same sort of artwork for their kids.
    9. Sunstone
      Thanks for the encouragement! I bet someone has already thought of the idea, but it does seem to be a good one.
    10. Sunstone
      Sorry to hear you were sick! Two weeks of illness sounds kinda serious. I hope you catch-up soon!

      I took four or five months off from painting, but started up again a few days ago. I haven't thought much about trying to monetize my painting before, but last night I had the thought that if I ever were to try monetizing portrait painting, then I should probably learn how to do portraits of people in more or less the same style as DC comics or manga. Just a thought.
    11. apophenia
      My 'heaven forfend' remark was an amiable joke. I assume you already know that, but I just thought I'd make it explicit. I'm glad you've taken up the debate, I wasn't interested in what was becoming a personal argument. Clearly I think there is a medical fraud worth billions The idea of the sanctity of peer review is as fantastical and naïve as belief in infallible prophets IMO. It's about Big Money. Some people really think that 'science' is uncorruptible, even when it's paid for by corporations.
    12. Sunstone
      How have you been? :)
    13. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Hi, Lyn,

      Regarding this post, I tried to remember where the post you mentioned was, but I don't recall which thread it was in or whether I've come across it before.

      I'd appreciate it if you linked to that post, if possible, as I'd like to read it. I think the topic is very interesting.
    14. Meow Mix
      Meow Mix
      I got the FLCL box set not that long ago :D
    15. Quagmire
      Okie doke. :D
    16. Quagmire
      "Sure, Lyn can show up in the story if that's what you want to do. Is she going to be a villain or something?"

      Nah. In the first parts of the first story she appears in she'll have the reader wondering about her, but she turns out to be one of the main good guys before too long.

      Are you doing the art yourself or getting an artist?

      One way or another I'll be responsible for pretty much the whole thing. :p

      I'm way too much of a control freak to turn something this important (to me) over to anyone else. Unless of course I wind up meeting a sensational artist who doesn't mind working for the fun of it. :D

      Do you think they'll be online graphic novels or physically published ones?

      Online to begin with, almost for sure.

      Do you like being asked a million questions?

      About this stuff I do. :yes:

      What is your favorite color?

      Camouflage. :D
    17. Quagmire
      "Well, piecing things together into an original shape is still a type of art. Did you base Charlie's appearance on a super-buff version of yourself,"

      Not on purpose. :p

      "or is he created from scratch?"

      Both, really. I think, as a finished product, Charley is who I've always wished I could be.

      "It would be neat to see the animation when it's finished!"

      My plan is to put together a bunch of graphic novels first, I'm hoping to have the first one done by late winter or early spring.

      btw, I'm planning on basing/naming most of the rest of the characters on/after RF people as kind of a dedication (I think that's more interesting than just writing a "And my thanks to so-and-so for. . ." on the first leaf).

      Mind if a "Lyn" shows up in one of the stories (I already have the character worked out and the stories she'll be in completed)? :D
    18. Quagmire
      Oh and Charley's hair. :p
    19. Quagmire
      Well, "drew them" is a relative term. :p

      I borrowed bits and pieces from a lot of photographs, threw the all together, paint-shopped them, ran the finished product through a cartoon converter, and then paint-shopped the whole thing again to make everything uniform.

      Realistically, the only parts I couldn't potentially get sued for are: some of the shading, most of Charley's face, and Naykid's right arm. :D
    20. Quagmire
      That's Charley and Naykidape. :p

      "Naykidape and Charley!!"

      (Shut up, Naykid)

      I finally have the characters looking more or less they way I want them. Now it's just a matter of setting their models up in the 3D program I'm using so I can pose them and use stills for the story panels.

      "Show Lyn the bad guys that I get to kick the snot out of!!"

      (Quit showing off, Naykid)
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    United States
    engineer, freelancer
    My name's Lyn.

    Consider me a villain for you to sharpen your sword upon.
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