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  • Lol I shall try.

    Btw I hated outhouses when I went camping. Filled with bugs and spiders everywhere =/
    Like dualism vs materialism? I will always be a die hard dualist ;)

    I don't mean in here, I mean in the Middle East. There have been new genocides taking place, and it is a reminder of the genocide my own people faced.

    I wish atheism was stronger in the Middle East. Better get on it Outhouse!!
    I never thought I'd say this, but judging by the growing number of religious wars and genocides, I kinda wish there were more atheists around.
    Thanks for the frubal. I unexpectedly find myself dog sitting for a few days. I do not mind, I love the little devils. But I may not be able to achieve the right state of mind for lengthy serious posts for a bit.
    I'd give you frubals, but I'm out. It have been enjoyable debating with you.
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