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Last Activity:
May 25, 2013
Sep 11, 2009
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Well-Known Member

Onkara was last seen:
May 25, 2013
    1. Breathe
      I'm back now. :)
    2. Breathe
      I'm in your chatroom now :D
    3. Breathe
      Hey man, sorry, I'd gone off and only just saw this. Next time, definitely. :)
    4. SageTree
      Thanks man :) Your well wishes with be with us fueling this madcap road trip and dip into the States territory. Looking forward to school as well, for it's worth and also for it's benefits in keeping my keister on the side of the border I want it on.
      And we'll have a small lap top with us so I'm sure I'll drop in now and again from the road just to say 'yo' to folks and let them know I'm still rollin' on. Danke!!!!
    5. Breathe
      Yeah, people usually freak out though because of the beards and turbans. :D

      Life is good, thanks :D Hope you have a good day out. We need to catch up some time. :)
    6. Breathe
      Lol, thanks for the frubal message :D
      How're things going for you? :)
    7. SageTree
      Hey Brother! Happy Daze!!!! ;)
      Things are moving fast around here. I'll be in the States Nov 11th and on the road for a month in December. We're going to live in Maine for 6 months, and then hopefully I'll be accepted into a college up here that'll get me a permit, into school, which I've wanted to for a long time, and a solid 'category' for working towards Landed Immigrant/Permanent Resident/Citizenship.

      Hope you are well... :D
    8. Madhuri
      Thanks! I would love your thoughts on the topic as well. I'm looking for answers from people with knowledge of different Hindu philosophies.
    9. Breathe
      How you doing? :D
    10. Breathe
      Can't complain, can't complain :D
    11. Breathe
      Lol, nice pic bhai :D
    12. GURSIKH
      ya , its very touching ,so close to me , was earlier used by od also .

      your Donkey Avatar was also great !!!
    13. GURSIKH
      :biglaugh: for your Avatar pic
    14. SageTree
      Back in town from our week away. Hope you've been doing well. :namaste
    15. Sahar
      Hey Onkara,
      How are you doing?
      It's really nice to see your message. Thanks a lot my dear friend. :)
    16. SageTree
      excellenteh! :D LOLZ ON!!!!!
    17. sol_mas
      Howdy Onkara - so sorry! I never saw this message!

      Thinking back to July, things were going well. For the most part, they still are. It's Fall, but doesn't feel like it yet.

      How are you? -sm
    18. SageTree
      Things are going well, a little wrapped up in a few things. Have a PM reply pulled up here for you, comments on your last PM to me, that you so graciously replied to :D Hope you are having a blessed week as well. **hugs**
    19. SageTree
      Hey brother, back in town. Catch up with you in PM soon :)
    20. SageTree
      Thanks for the frubals and kind words Brother :D


      I'm out till the 19th, so have a good weekend... starting right now ;)

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