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  • Ha! Don't worry. I've realised that if you give too many frubals to the same person, they restrict your future frubals. Thanks for the gesture, though.
    Thanks for nominating my post for frubals - but they didn't come through! No worries. I'll survive...
    Hi Ian. I don't follow a particular Pagan path, although my country was Druidic in the past. To me, Pagan means in touch with the Earth so I do what comes naturally to me rather than follow prescribed rituals from Wicca, Druidry etc. It's often too easy to get bogged down in labels and adhering to the rigours and expectations of those labels, so my advice is to forge your own path, but learn from a variety of traditions. I've read widely on Shamanism (South American and European), Druidry, Native American, Aboriginal Australian and I've learned that they tend to have one theme in common: respect the land, respect the living organisms on the land and respect yourself. You can't go wrong with that!
    It may sound as if I am inventing my own system, but all religions are created by humans, so I feel that my way is just as valid as anyone elses. Thanks for listening, Ian.
    Yes. Pagan ethics, atheist outlook. How about yourself - what are your views (if you don't mind me asking)?
    Hi. Well, I'm an atheist in the sense that I don't believe in any gods or goddesses, but Pagan in that I have a spiritual / pantheistic connection to Nature. This is influences my lifestyle in terms of food, clothing etc as I try to live by the pagan / wiccan maxim 'and it harm no one', so I am almost vegan, don't drive etc.
    Most pagans I know believe in deities, but to me, these are identities we give to natural phenomena, such as the wind, the land, the seasons etc. By personifying them, perhaps it makes it easier for us to relate more to them.
    Hope this answers some of your question! Keep in touch.
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