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  • No I don't work there, Ger worked with my in the weirdest hotel in Cork, now closed. Don't worry mad Americans are our bread and butter. You would love it here this month it hasn't stopped raining.
    I hope you met Geraldine the receptionist she is a spaced out lunatic with an eidetic memory, I once came to work when we worked together and found her passed out on the front desk next to an empty bottle of peach shnapps with money placed next to her by a guest who paid his bill without waking her :)
    I love Cork too , Iagos and The Pigs back in the Market, if you are in Cork again I will give you some decent places, did you stay in a hotel or b&b?
    Have a good meeting!

    And you ARE so awesome to have sent me SO MUCH amazing stuff!! Have I thanked you lately? Or told you today how much I love you?
    I was just purusing my bookshelf really quickly for something you sent that I hadn't read yet, and Teatro was the first thing that popped out at me, so that's what I grabbed. Naming will be next, and then Nazareth Hill and I think that'll be the last of the books you've sent me that I haven't read yet.
    Was trying to think of what book to read after Mucho Mojo, but I think I've decided upon Teatro Grottesco.
    LOL! The best part is, it should have been "A la Gauche", not "Sur La Gauche".

    They both mean "on" but "Sur" means more like "on top". Morons.
    Some movie titles should simply not be translated into French: "La Derniere Maison Sur La Gauche".....
    I'm not kidding either, and I kept saying to myself "Ok, loser, it was a fricken book, why don't you relax?!" But my stupid over-active, childlike imagination got the better of me.

    I'm totally going to read everything he's written, but I'm going to get through the Hap and Leonard novels first, before I venture into anything else.
    That is very true. I'm almost done with Mucho Mojo. I'll probably pick up the next one before my trip. I'm seriously addicted to Lansdale now. His writing never ceases to make me laugh, and the other night, I got through the chapter about Hap's dream about Illium and Uncle Chester in the bookmobile and the corpse of the dead kid clawing at him... I got up to turn off my light, and literally ran back to my bed and coccooned myself in my blanket, for fear of the skeletal hands of dead children clutching at my from under my bed, hahaha!
    Just thought I'd point out, best paragraph in any book, EVER: "Florida sat in the middle of the couch, and during the scary parts she didn't leap into my lap for protection or grab my hand. I thought it would be most unbecoming of me to leap into hers, though I found myself pulling my feet up ontp the couch, in case any floor sharks drifted by."
    when I said icon I meant profile picture, with my dodgy eyesight it looks like the guy from blow up 8)
    I nearly fell of the couch the first time I heard the Point Break speech :D

    Is your new icon from Blow up ?
    Ok! So I've got a whole whack to buy. Thanks for the list! :D At least now I know what I'm looking for
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