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Last Activity:
Jun 10, 2010
Jul 29, 2009
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MSizer, from Canada

MSizer was last seen:
Jun 10, 2010
    1. dust1n
      Come back!
    2. Onkara
      hope you are well! :)
    3. Aquitaine
      Not seen you around for a while, how's everything going?
    4. .lava
      hi :) how are you doing, MSizer? i haven't seen you around lately so i thought i should check you out.

      wishing you well :)
    5. Noaidi
      :clap I joined here yesterday and as soon as I came across your signature, I emailed it to various friends. They all loved it.
    6. Noaidi
      Hi MSizer
      Can I ask who wrote your signature quote? It's great. It applies to atheists and theists alike.
    7. monta
      TG4 - Irish language television channel - Teilifis Gaeilge - Music - Geantraí - 28.02 (P1)

      I never realised that this channel was set up so that you could watch it from abroad, I thought you might enjoy some of the music programming :D
    8. JMorris
      a break probably would be good. i take breaks from RF alot, otherwise it'll drive you nuts. you may feel differently, but i dont go into theological arguments, because i dont care what people believe. i only care about people's beliefs in as much as they affect me & those around me. if people want to believe in ridiculous ****, it dosent bother me. but if they try to impose that ridiculous **** on me or others, thats when i start to care.
    9. JMorris
      you've been terribly confrontational as of late. it makes me giggle. dont stress yourself too much, you cant fix stupid ;). i wonder what triggered this?
    10. isobella
      Thank you. *smiles* Still learning my way around this place.
    11. blackout
      In fact... it's now time for me to start closin' up.
    12. blackout
      Nightshift darlin.
    13. Orias
      Haha ferrets are so smart. My cousin has three of em.
    14. Orias
      I love your ferrets!!!!
    15. enchanted_one1975
      That and people that love meat love meat. Not much will sway them. The ones you have to influence is their hot girlfriend. That is the key to getting guys to let up on the meat.
    16. enchanted_one1975
      Did you ever wind up protesting it by the way? :eat:
    17. JMorris
      do ferrets really smell like corn chips?
    18. LyricalDutchess
      Thank you for the frubals. I have no idea how to respond to frubals or how to even give them. LOL but thank you. We are very different in our beliefs, but its all good. Im just going to have to find the flow of this place. Was with another forum for years, and was real comfortable with everyone there. Bit difficult adjusting to a new place. LOL Hopefully the more we talk, youd get to see im pretty laid back.
    19. tarasan
      ohhh no mike you didnt annoy me at all and i understand why people are annoyed with my religion, It has done some horrible things, i was just concerned that something was bothering you and you seem like a very stand up guy so I was just checkin to see if things were ok.

    20. tarasan
      yo mate this may sounds stalkerish, and wierd comming from a stranger in teh internet but are you ok, cause the God allowing suffering seemed to get u quite argrivated.
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    Co-Organizer of Grand River Atheists


    Believe if you will that the fate of humanity is in the hands of god, but please behave as though it is in your own.
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