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Mr Spinkles
Last Activity:
Feb 12, 2021
Mar 25, 2004
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Mr Spinkles


Mr Spinkles was last seen:
Feb 12, 2021
    1. .lava
      hi :D yes, i am Turkish and Turkey is my home country. most of those mosques are in Istanbul.
    2. kai
      I have ran out of frubals for you Mr S but you are on a roll in the Science vs Religion thread, great stuff
    3. J Bryson
      J Bryson
      In response to your Frubals: Yes, perhaps Barry Goldwater as well, as long as we're talking Libertarian-style Barry towards the end, and not "Nuke the commies" Barry of the 60s.
    4. Stellify
    5. Nick Soapdish
      Nick Soapdish
      Yo Mr. Spinkles. Just wanted to stop by and say "hi"
    6. Surprise Plastic Watermelons
      Surprise Plastic Watermelons
      Excellent analysis in the Holocaust Deniers thread.
    7. .lava
      225 people in this planet are the richest. money they make is equal money of 2.5 billion people. probably in every nation there are masons, hidden or not. most of the governments are under control of one same source which all the masons work for. it is said there are 3 circles. inner circle, middle one and the last one. the last one are people we know. middle one is usually news paper owner, politicians, army men..etc. but inner circle we do not know who they are. they are ruling world. they are ruling almost all the nations, that includes ısrael, Egypt, Turkey, USA...list goes on and on. no, we publics have no power. governments are not for us. governments are for NWO. but there are dynamics that not even people who rule governments can not predict or control. cruel empire can not last too long.

    8. Sunstone
      I have just put up a thread listing the only true and guaranteed solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict. I am so proud of myself for figuring out how to solve this problem.
    9. Sunstone
      WHOOT!!!! <----- Random Saturday Night Exuberance
    10. kai
      Happy New Year from Kai & Co
    11. Sunstone
      Happy New Year, my friend!!!! May 2009 be a wonderful year for you filled with love and discovery!!!
    12. .lava
      happy new year :)
    13. Sunstone
      Happy Birthday!!!!!
    14. Luminous
    15. zenzero
      Friend Mr. Sprinkles,
      Best Wishes.
      Love & rgds
    16. TashaN
      Welcome back to the staff team mate! :)

      And ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    17. Sunstone
      Remember to take care not to harm the local wildlife when posting in visitor message boxes! Pack out what you pack in!
    18. Sunstone
      Congratulations on becoming active staff again! And thank you for your generous decision to serve the RF community!!!!
    19. kai
      Hi , yes its an interesting subject,that usually,gets a little heated, but we seem to be missing some major Muslim members lately, who i am sure would have some comments
    20. Sunstone
      WHOOT!!!! <==== another case of random Friday night exuberance.
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