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Mr Spinkles
Last Activity:
Feb 12, 2021
Mar 25, 2004
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Mr Spinkles


Mr Spinkles was last seen:
Feb 12, 2021
    1. dmgdnooc
      Cheers, and thanks for the frubal.
    2. dmgdnooc
      Thanks and your welcome. I find Butler a compellingly interesting man and his military credentials are impeccable. nooc
    3. Sunstone
      Thanks, Spinks! :)
    4. Sahar
      It's a great lesson that I can learn from as well. Thanks. :)
    5. dmgdnooc
      Thanks for the frubal. I thought I had finished with that thread, lol, no way.
    6. ChristineES
      Happy birthday. :balloons:
    7. cardero
      Happy Birthday Mr. Spinkles.
    8. Madhuri
      Happy Birthday!
    9. kai
      hey Spinks check back in to the quicksand that is that thread i think you misunderstood i didnt mean you were lying.
    10. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the frube! Your patience with me is a joy.
    11. Sunstone
      Thank goodness! :)
    12. Sunstone
      Please comment on this thread, atheist swine!
    13. Sunstone
      Good morning, you atheist. I bet you're grouchy.
    14. Sahar
      No way!! You didn't know that I changed my username except now? Or were you joking?

      I ask this question because we were in the middle (or close to its end) of a debate in that thread about alcohol and I changed my username in the process :D I thought you were aware that I changed it...I made an announcement in that time.
    15. Sunstone
      You know what is most remarkable about fire fighting? In fire, you are so alert and aware of what's going on that it seems as if your brain takes only three quarters of a second to map out five possible courses of action, weight them, and coldly and without emotion pick the optimal one. Outside of a fire I have never experienced that kind of thinking.
    16. Starsoul
      Hi, From what i gather from your page, you're getting married so congrats for the wondefrul new beginning and I'll spare you the gory details of afghan war after you've had your honey moon :)
    17. .lava
      thank you :)
    18. .lava
      ooo... look who's here.. married yet? hmm? :D
    19. Sunstone
      I just had my 24th cup of coffee today. Ain't atheism great!
    20. Sahar
      Mr Spinkles, I was going to say "I haven't received the invitation to your wedding yet" but it seems you got married without inviting me. So you deserve this :slap: and you deserve happy wishes and congratulations.:) I wish you happiness and all the best. And to forgive you, I want to see some pictures from the wedding!! :yes:
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