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Mr Spinkles
Last Activity:
Feb 12, 2021
Mar 25, 2004
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Mr Spinkles


Mr Spinkles was last seen:
Feb 12, 2021
    1. Sunstone
      Join the Laramide Revolution!!!
    2. kai
      just called in to say hello to my newest friend, ha ha HELLLOOOOOOOO
    3. Sunstone
      You missed the seminar! I was sure you'd be interested! Sure of it!
    4. Sunstone
      For a disturbing change of pace, attend Friday's RF seminar on the ontological existence of the kumquat!
    5. Caladan
      Thanks for the comment you left (undercover mosque thread), we can talk about it sometime.
    6. blackout
      Mr. Spinkles.
      I will trade you an i for an a.

      I'm sorry. But I just could not help myself.

      Is there anyone here who can help me?
    7. Heneni
      Can i see your lab? Wink wink.
    8. Mr Spinkles
      Mr Spinkles
      I can haz Grand Yoonified Thery now?
    9. Sunstone
      I iz in yer laboratory, messin' wid yer string theory.
    10. Sunstone
      I'm no longer thinking of the Sumerians. Now I'm thinking of both the Sumerians and the Indus Valley Civilization. I felt like expanding my mind. :D
    11. Sunstone
      It's 2 in the morning -- perfect time to drop by to say "Hello"!

      For some odd reason, I've been thinking of the ancient Sumerians all day and all night. I've got them stuck in my head and can't quit thinking about them. Have you ever studied them, Spinks?
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