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  • Thanx for froobing childrens' rights trumping parental religious rights.
    And for the not so authoritarian frubarian.
    And for froubling protecting threatened children.
    And for fruballing the glorious convergence of science & chocolate!
    And for the faith in chocolate frubol.
    And for flourbing living for western medicine.
    And for the intelligent falling frubing.
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    Thanx for the different relative responsibility frubal!
    And for fruballing the desserts!
    And for flurbing avoiding discussing inflammatory political figures.
    And for the language of little people fruble.
    And for froubing not even false religions.
    And for the evolutionary frubionary.
    And for froobing recommended reading.
    And for the strange Democratic idea of fairness frubness.
    And for foorbling accurate info.
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