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Mock Turtle
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  • But don’t you know he has a good reason for locking me out – not. And that is why it is so unjust. But I don’t care anyone, I’ll get over this in due time, just like the last time. I do not think he even thinks in terms of hurting others, he is like a robot on auto pilot. He doesn’t like something so he acts out like a child. I just hope I have walked away for good this time.
    Mock Turtle
    Mock Turtle
    I have been in a similar place and the best thing I can say, although not so easy to do, is just to forget them. Don't let them harm you so. As you say, many just can't see the damage they do to others - their problem, not yours.
    Thanks. I am trying to extricate myself from this situation but because I have my own forum I cannot leave that forum group, and these forums are all related to one another so everybody knows everybody, like a small town. It will take time to heal.
    Thanx for frooballing macaques!
    And for the slow & ignorant frubal !
    And for furballing facing ramifications of one's actions in life!
    And for the tedious wall of text furball !
    And for fruballing the movie version!
    And for the computer security frubity!
    And for flurbing the reading list!
    And for the conversational frubional !
    Mock Turtle
    Mock Turtle
    My fingers are just too fast all too often, lol.
    I am kind of back on this forum after a falling out on the other forum I went to. I do not want to go back there EVER again. The staff is totally unjust and insulting to believers. I do not know why I take such abuse as long as I do but I am done now or at least I hope I am... I feel lost here right now so I just wanted to say hi. I consider you my friend. I need a friend right now. Humans can be so cruel.
    Thanks. I saw that you bought that subscription. ;-) I recall you mentioned in your story that people had been cruel to you so I guess you understand. This is painful because I trusted that man and considered him a friend and then he stabbed me in the back. He then posted lies about me on his forum and I am locked out so I cannot defend myself. I am TOO trusting and it gets me hurt.
    Mock Turtle
    Mock Turtle
    Not nice. I have had the same happen. It does seem such a cowardly thing to do, to not let someone defend themselves. Usually I just walk away and never return - plenty of others who are worth interacting with. I think it is often those younger who tend not to know that what they say can hurt others, but perhaps that's the way they have experienced life so far.
    Mock Turtle
    Mock Turtle
    Fortunately I have had many good friends so I know how to treat others and appreciate the one's we get on best with. Mind you, even here there are some rowdy types, lol.
    Thanx for fruballing skwim's vacation pix!
    And for the money angel frubel !
    And for furballing the lack of answers!
    And for the lowered expectations fruble!
    And for froobling my vast experience!
    And for the irreversibility of choices frubol !
    And for froobling kilts!
    And for the R Lee Ermey frubey!
    Thanx for the 23.7% frubal !
    And for fruballing hating gods...all of'm!
    And for the toughened skin furball !
    And for the not laudible frubible!
    And for furballing being interesting!
    And for the brian damgaed fllurble!
    And for flurbing having us at RF now!
    And for the Hell Labs frubol !
    And for flurbing denying folding pliers to those Brits!
    Ty for the frub, love the monkey
    Mock Turtle
    Mock Turtle
    No problem, the monkey fits me like a glove - and just one thing I like about this forum, it's so easy to project one's personality, lol. oo-ooh
    Thanx for the existence limerick frubal (an ancient RF term for a <like>)!
    And for the secular frubal !
    And for fruballing "Heights bad!"!
    Thanks for liking "Iceland Could Become first Country to Ban Male Circumcision"

    And welcome to RF. Enjoy.
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