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  • Thanx for the trouble in the fish tank flurbe.
    And for phurballing the good dog.
    And for the musings on thermodynamics & information froobation.
    And for foolbring existence vs a bed of nails.
    And for the legendary humility frubity.
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    Reactions: MNoBody
    any time m8...i like you for some weird reason, well sometimes in any case lol
    Thanx for the zombie computing froobing.
    And for phruballing the birth of advertising.
    And for the people for against vs the people against for frubal.
    And for foolbring capitalism as the best failed economic system.
    And for the King Kong burger froober.
    And phor phlurbing better education for the non-college bound.
    And for the converting feet to meters phurball.
    Thanx for the King Tut phrubil.
    And for furballing eco friendly clothing options.
    And for the Buckaroo Banzai froobe.
    And for phrubing a great movie...monkey boy!
    And for the mit ziplington farsh flurbyl.
    And for foolbring burying Hobbs with Squirrel.
    And for the many tire covers furball.
    hadn't seen that one before....good find, made me laugh.
    Thanks for the informative frube on Scientists find that the first Britons had black skin:
    Since your frube i edited the post to add a sentence that i original forgot to include
    Thanks for the plethora of various frubes on The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread 2!
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    Reactions: MNoBody
    it is fun to pass out flowers to people in the neighborhood
    hope your day goes well.
    Thanx for flurbing the joys of over-regulation.
    And for the detectable physical phenomena phroobal.
    And for foorballing cost effective solar energy.
    And for the PhD in buzzwords frube.
    And for phroolbing the happy fox in snow.
    And for the snow riddled with bears furball.
    And for furbling changes in Mr Universe over the decades.
    Thanks for the frube on Day Trippin' - Fall Foliage
    appreciate the feedback, but it isn't really necessary you know
    Its something i enjoy, letting you know i appreciate your frubes
    well, ok then, luv it. 2 thumbs up and thank you
    Thanks for the funny frube on The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread 2!

    And also i thank you for the like on How important is humour in your belief system?
    Thanx for the Admiral Akbar froobil.
    And for flurbing polar bears with light sabers.
    And for the free lunch perspective frubive.
    And for foorballing the easily beaten Bard.
    And for the millenials vs democracy froobacy.
    And for the rampant math ignorance frooberance.
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