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Don't know where I fit in. I'm old, 65 years old, semi-retired, married. A full European white male DNA according to Ancestry.com. Was married to an African_American woman who died from lung cancer and now married to a women of Puerto Rican Ancestry. Was raised, I believe, Secular. No mention of religion by my mother. When I was 31 years old she died from cancer and I read Huston Smith's book at which time I was struck by what seemed everyone believed in a single source of creation. But due to isolation of time and geography evolved religious material that included community bias and culture. And today they seem to recognize they all believe in the single source of creation, but are firm in that their religion is the only way to God. I see creation and source of creation through; Quantum Physics. I believe we were already conscious and come to this artificial universe for maybe a vacation from boring Eternity or to gain some form of elevation and personal growth. The source of creation could be our collection of consciousness or elder collective of consciousness's. I don't accept Christianity as Jesus was another failed Mashiach of the Abraham tradition. I don't accept Judaism as it seems to be a tribal faith which see's itself as special people of God. As well as it focus's too much on this artificial Universe and not on a true base existence in and of the Quantum Physics level. I don't agree with Islam final seal ideology. I used to be a member of the Baha'i faith and see it as the best course for the average person to get to the next level of religions. But left due to too much conflicting laws. Undoubtedly all religions have altered from their original conception. I firmly see we need to acknowledge we all come from the same and are actually apart of that now. And come together as one humanity working together to solve the issue of survival while here before the consciousness returns. PS: I recently posted this on FB; "
God For Dummies ( God = Source of Creation. )
God doesn't see your; religion's, nation's, cities, culture's, money, gender, sexual preference. God only sees your consciousness. As soon as you think your better than anyone in anyway. You immediately place distance between yourself and God.
Oct 13, 1954 (Age: 69)
Quantum Physics