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  • Hi, Meow Mix. Actually, that's not my cat. It's just a picture I picked up off the internet. I love cats, though, and am never without one. Mine's black with just a few areas of white. Her name is Annie, and right now she's walking back and forth in front of my computer screen, and over my hands, making it almost impossible to type. I've always really loved orange short-hairs, but I have never had one. Most of my cats end up coming to me as strays, or are given to me by people who beg me to take them, so I usually just don't get a choice as to what kind and color I want.

    I love dogs, too. Right now I have a tri-color Collie and a Golden Retriever mix. Hey, thanks for the message! I'm looking forward to getting to know you.
    Erm, it took me a little while to figure out myself. I've added you as a friend now, so all you have to do is accept. You can accept, and add other people as friends by going to your User CP link up the top, then click on "Contacts and Friends" under the list on the left. :)
    philosophy, physics, and cheese : excellent interests.

    Goat cheese preferable but that's my preference and has so many varieties itself!
    Welcome aboard, you have enlightened us with some interesting applications of empirical philosophical logic. It takes a minute to grasp the jargon and semantics, an interesting task. It will be interesting to see the responses, since I find particularly with the theists their conceptual grasp of what you are communicating will be lost on many of them. I will guess and I may be wrong that you will get the best response from the atheists but they will be in agreement, next best will be those of the Israeli, Hindu and Buhddist clans, I think the christian and Islamic groups will fail to understand what you are saying.

    Might I suggest rather than make the statement then generate its proof. You use the question as "bate", allow some responses then gradually present the arguements of its proof as a responses to their responses. This way you will engage those who up till now have have run and hidden from the intellectual content of your posts in bite sized chunks they can digest.

    OH, you won't even be able to avoid these posts. No, but the Transcendental Argument for Nonexistence of God.. very interesting stuff. I'm going to sleep now, but I plan on commenting on it tomorrow. Again welcome, have fun!
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