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Oct 30, 2012
Nov 18, 2009
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Masaru~ was last seen:
Oct 30, 2012
    1. Mr Cheese
      Mr Cheese
      As you can see Gnosticism is a syncretic thing..and is far from unique...

      If you have further questions, please ask

      In the Name of the Great Life! My good messenger of Light who travelleth to the house of its friends, come, direct my speech and open my mouth in praise that I may wholeheartedly praise the Living Gods.

      In the Name of the Great Life! I worship Life and I praise my Lord Yeshu d-Hiya and that great Presence of Glory which emanated from itself.

      The Gnostic Prayerbook
    2. Mr Cheese
      Mr Cheese
      Gnosticism can be summed up in two quick verses:

      I became water
      and saw myself
      a mirage
      became an ocean
      saw myself a speck
      of foam
      gained Awareness
      saw that all is but
      woke up
      and found myself

      – Binavi Badakhshani

      It is I who am you, and it is you who are me. And wherever you are, I am there.
      And I am sown in all; and you collect me from wherever you wish.
      And when you collect me, it is your own self that you collect.

      --The Gospel of Eve
    3. Mr Cheese
      Mr Cheese
      Archons « Prayers and Reflections

      Aeons « Prayers and Reflections

      Pleroma « Prayers and Reflections

      The demiurge « Prayers and Reflections
    4. Mr Cheese
      Mr Cheese
      What is Gnosticism? 1. Ineffable « Prayers and Reflections

      Reflection for March 6, 2009: The Chosen « Prayers and Reflections

      Gender in Gnosticism « Prayers and Reflections

      What is Gnosticism? Transcendence a Gnostic Perspective « Prayers and Reflections

      Sophia « Prayers and Reflections
    5. Mr Cheese
      Mr Cheese
      Oh geez how long is a piece of string.... What is Gnosticism? Wel Gnosticism is a logical conclusion of paganism, a logical development. Starting in several places, arguably with the likes of Ancient Egypt and Zoroastrians. There are of course several strands. Gnosticism in modern times generally realtes to the writers of the Nag Hammadi texts... The Gospel of Thomas etc.

      There are some universals between all the various strands however:

      Gnostics value Gnosis (experiental knowledge of the divine) over book knowledge (inntellectual, episteme)
      Gnostics see God as ineffable, unanamable, beyond conception
      Gnostics know their cosmology (ie Jesus is an emanation, Sophia is a creator etc)is not to be taken seriously, it is the map not the territory
      Generally the cosmology involves a being called the demi urge, who is essentially God's ego

      and more....

      I'll post more if you like
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