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Recent content by Lightkeeper

  1. L

    The Divine Feminine

    THE DIVINE FEMININE In the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras humans worshipped the Great Mother. There came a shift from Goddess to God, a split between spirit and nature. Women were associated with nature. With the split there was a focus on the opposites, such as good-evil, man-woman...
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    Word Train

  3. L

    One more word game

    lift truck
  4. L

    Collective nouns

    and earful of echoes
  5. L

    Alphabet Word Game

    numb nerves
  6. L

    Lightkeeper, her pentomilliofruballancy

    Thank you everyone.:)
  7. L

    Lightkeeper, her pentomilliofruballancy

    You have just become my friend forever with the "young" statement.:)
  8. L

    Sci-fi and religion

    A religious person may be able to think outside of the box moreso than a person who lives within the boundaries of science.:)
  9. L

    Sci-fi and religion

    I think very religious people can love Sci-Fi. Sci-Fi is stretching your boundaries.
  10. L

    Is the universe infinite or finite?

    Wouldn't the "edge" of the Universe suggest that there is someting on the other side? I've heard scientists talk about the "edge" of the Universe, but no one has found it. I think the Universe is infinite.
  11. L

    Alphabet Word Game

    knock knees
  12. L

    One more word game

    doll face
  13. L

    never ending word...

    adding ward thereadriventwinedinnerranthreadetrimentalentiledi tinglinguistickyummysticklearnaughtyrannosoureligi oustaintediouslymememeritualistickernalterracedarn ingottawashingtonneaustralianatomypichneumonarchet ypewriterracetracketeerminesweepersonnetworkloadve...
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    longest sentence....

    I heard that once a dog takes away the bone from his hip, he will learn how to overcome a great evil that will imprison the majority of bouncing badgers (who, not coincidentally, often fail osteoporosis tests), and this will often lead to very interesting and enormous shaped testicles, however...
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    Word Chain