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Left Coast
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  • Beautiful avatar. Might I ask who the artist is?
    Thanx for the avoided briar patch froobil.
    And for floorbing a testable alternative to darwinism.
    And for the unsplit Ameristan furball.
    And for flurbing Trump's stupid or dishonest musings about Harris's eligibility to be Prez.
    And for the judgement free flurbal.
    And for furballing presidential qualifications over & above the legal ones.
    OK. Sorry, I’m an idiot. I have questfortruth on Ignore. So in the 500 man study thread, I thought Altfish was post #1 with the OP. I should have checked the post #. Entirely my bad.
    I’m feeling much better now, thank you very much.
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    Reactions: Left Coast
    Left Coast
    Left Coast
    Haha no worries! Sometimes the software randomly quotes the wrong person, so I thought it might be a weird glitch or something. You're not an idiot. ;)
    Thanx for flurbing not pointing guns at protestors
    And for the John Ugo obituary frubary.
    And for floorbing the Democrat Tranny.
    And for the what I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to say furball.
    And for fruball'n my perpetual confusion.
    And for the correct spelling of "tyranny" fruby.
    And for foulbring the lack of disagreement.
    Thanx for the plague safety measures froobal.
    And for flurbing the governor already having lifted the more onerous restrictions.
    And for the kept in a crypt or held in a cell froobe.
    And for foulbring the reasonable post.
    And for the rule #6 froobil.
    And for for the Carl Reiner fruber.
    And for the peaceful protest & defense of property fruberty.
    Thanx for the improving of the policing we have froobil.
    And for flurbing why cops are the way they are.
    And for the Bacon Lovers Meeting frubing.
    And for furballing the KenS birthday cake.
    And for the women who date gay men with cats frubyl.
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    Reactions: Left Coast
    Left Coast
    Left Coast
    You never thank me for liking your thank you's for liking your posts.

    This deeply offends me. I demand immediate apology.
    I decided to limit my thanking for posts in the forums.
    It's an ungodly amount of work as it is...don't wanna
    add member profiles.
    I accept your apology.
    (There...that'll confuse'm.)
    Left Coast
    Left Coast
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