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Jan 5, 2014
Feb 9, 2010
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Vinland (NH)
Sales Associate


Vinlandic Warrior, from Vinland (NH)

Klaufi_Wodensson was last seen:
Jan 5, 2014
    1. Adramelek
      Ave ApostleofLucifer!

      Just listened to some Carpathian Forest. I'm liken what I'm hearin dude.:bat:

    2. Brujo
      Thanks 4 the add Apostle! Darkest Hails my friend!!
    3. Jeremy Mason
      Jeremy Mason
      Refresh your Say Something Scandalous About The Person Above You!
    4. Adramelek
      What happened, did he sell out? I hate bands that do that. There are so few Black Metal bands that are for real - Satanic or Luciferian, etc.
    5. Adramelek
      Just recently heard some of Glorior Belli's stuff. I like what I heard!
    6. Wieldthescythe
      I'd have to agree Mutiilation is the best out of all them. Vlad Tepes is decent too.
    7. Wieldthescythe
      fan of the les legions noire?
    8. [WURM]
      well, i dont agree with the idea that all black metal essentially requires satanism. But I believe that all black metal essentially requires darkness of some form - satanism, luciferianism, hatred, melancholy, suicidal, genocidal, anti-human, anti-life...etc. Joy can be a part of it, so long as that joy is taken as a reflection of its opposition to modern societal/religious value. So, ultimately if its going to be christian black metal, to me that isn't really black metal.
    9. [WURM]
      yeah, i dig both. I haven't heard much of them but what i did sounded pretty great.
    10. [WURM]
      im into plenty of folk and pagan stuff. Also some Celtic stuff. I love Falkenback and Therion. Windir was pretty godlike too.
    11. [WURM]
      sounds unique! I will let you know what I think when I get around to it.
    12. Storm
      You're quite welcome. :)

      BTW, I can't help but notice a bunch of brand new LHP members. Did we get promoted at a Luciferian forum or something?
    13. [WURM]
      Haven't really listened to Mutiilation, Urgehal, and Celestia. I find old Deathspell to be too unoriginal. I like the progression in black metal so im really into their new stuff and blut aus nord's the work which transforms god. this modern take is typically more philosophical in its content too and i have a hard on for that sort of thing. You should check out Craft's **** the universe; its not prog its more darkthrone-esque but much more serious sounding. I gonna look into Mutiilation, Urgehal, and Celestia.
    14. seraphimoflucifer
      I replied to your post in Lucifer and the gods
    15. Storm
      Welcome to the forum! :foryou:
    16. [WURM]
      Do you like the contemporary elite of black metal: Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, Watain, Craft, maybe Abigor's newer stuff?
    17. seraphimoflucifer
    18. seraphimoflucifer
      yah its kinda awkward at first
    19. seraphimoflucifer
      have u posted anything yet ?
    20. seraphimoflucifer
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  • About

    Vinland (NH)
    Sales Associate
    I love music and learning about European history.


    "Cattle die, and Kinsmen die,
    And so one dies one's self;
    But a noble name will never die,
    If good renown one gets." -Odin

    "Here at the edge of this world
    Here I gaze at a Pantheon of Oak, a citadel of stone.
    If this grand panorama before me is what you call God,
    Then God is not Dead." - Agalloch
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