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  • Trying to negotiate the new format since I’ve re emerged here. How do you PM??
    Go into your profile page. In the upper right-hand corner, you'll see your user name, a picture of an envelope and a flag. Click on the envelope. That will bring up a screen showing all of your conversations (i.e. PMs). Click on "Start a new conversation."
    Hope everything is fine with you and yours, fair lady.
    Aw, so nice of you to ask, Luis. All is well with me and mine. Hope the same is true for you!
    Thanx for the monogamous frubous!
    And for fruballing the tricky usage of "cult"!
    And for flurbing the poem with TMI !
    And for the truly moral frubal.
    And for the bucket full of frooble.
    And for the inappropriately sober fruber.
    And for frubling proper punctuation.
    And for the caketastic frubyl.
    Thanx for fruballing the rule regarding grooming & food!
    And for the curling furbling!
    And for furballing fun with flags!
    And for flooorbing lacking courage to commit!
    And for the magic frubal !
    And for fourbling unfortunate google image searches!
    And for froobling that good ole time atheism!
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