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Feb 25, 2013
May 23, 2006
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April 11
the cuckoos nest


ragamuffin, from the cuckoos nest

kai was last seen:
Feb 25, 2013
    1. .lava
      hi :) where do you find this nice pictures of the guy?

      you're right i was away. i rather be away. school has started. we are expecting a war. well...already too much!
    2. Gharib
      maybe they're the ones taking high performance substances. who knows?:D
    3. Gharib
      :no: way. i think it's natural, just like homosexuality is "natural":D
    4. Gharib
      ha ha, lol
      i don't know whats going on either.

      now why are you stalking me?? you can't see through my screen by any chance, can you?
    5. Gharib
      ok now i understand that. thank you.
    6. Gharib
      who knows what you mean?
      oh i know what you mean. lol

      thats kind of short on detail though, if you don't mind me saying so.
      what exactly would grab you. all seekers have a different thing that grabs them, so whats yours.

      i'm only asking this stuff to understand you better. i mean you know i'm a muslim and you know quite a bit about islam, but i don't know how being a seeker works. i appologise if it's rude. don't answer if you don't want to.
    7. Gharib
      hey Kai, can i ask why you are a seeker?

      why don't you follow any religion?
    8. blackout
      I'm good honey.
      Some things have gotten better.
      So that's good, right? :hug:

      Hope life has been treating you well.
    9. sandandfoam
      Me too.
      It's a crazy world.
    10. Aquitaine
      Hey Kai, how's it going? Out of curiostiy, what's your faith/religion?

      I'm guessing it's maybe Nicholsonism? :P
    11. .lava
      or am i dreaming?
    12. .lava
      argue..OK....change it to 'discuss'. we do not discuss much. i think we found a certain place where we respect each other and we do not get into discussions anymore.
    13. .lava
      have you realised that we can not argue about anything anymore? this must be love :D
    14. Subhood
      thank you
    15. .lava
      catch me....yea...sudden lightning can do that :D
    16. .lava
      hi :)

      how would it be like to live for 100 years or even more? i think, if i was able to do my own job (bath, eating, walking....etc and also memory good enough to know there's pizza in the owen) then it would be great experience :D

      have a nice day....
    17. Sahar
      Ramadan is really great, but I have to focus on studying and thus I am unable to read Qur'an as much as I want or go to the mosque for Taraweeh prayers, the prayers take much time. :(

      Yesterday I stayed with my friend at our apartment and she was really depressed, she suffers from depression and she was in her worst condition which depressed me myself. How the depressed mind is unable to think, to make decisions correctly...the problem also is the people around her, her family who suffer much too...this really sucks.
      Wallahi, I pray for her.
    18. Sahar
      I saw you online, so I thought to say hello :)
      How are you, my sweet kai?
    19. .lava
      good morning....:) have a lovely day
    20. artie
      Well, there you go. We both might be online intermittently all day, but you would have to wait 4 hours for me to show up in the "morning" and then you would leave 4 hours earlier than myself in the "evening". Why couldn't we have one community comprised of two or three constitutionalized groups working for the exact same purpose within two or three separate time zone centers? Just like Rotary International is one huge worldwide community composed of small groups separated by geography. Geography does not separate us on the web, but time certainly does.
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    April 11
    the cuckoos nest


    "If we don’t learn English, how on earth will we do business with the Chinese?,"

    Ugandan President Yoweri Museven