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Feb 25, 2013
May 23, 2006
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April 11
the cuckoos nest


ragamuffin, from the cuckoos nest

kai was last seen:
Feb 25, 2013
    1. Caladan
      I was a little surprised as well ;)
    2. .lava
      thank you, Kai :)
    3. .lava
      i am ill :(
      i am fine but it is my final exam week. it's very bad timing!

      no snow here now. this year also going a little warm for a winter.
    4. Sunstone
      It's absolutely fascinating that Neanderthals wore make-up. I wonder what their aesthetic preferences were? And whether their use of make up had symbolic or ceremonial significance, or if it was more "art for art's sake"?

      Re: Middle East. President Johnson (LBJ) used to tell a story about haters: "A man decided he needed a new barn, so he hired a master carpenter to build one. The carpenter worked hard and eventually built the barn. Now, the man's mule took one look at the new barn and hated what he saw. So the mule started kicking the barn. He kicked and kicked until the barn collapsed." The moral of the story, Johnson would go on to say, was "It takes a master craftsman to build something positive, but any [email protected] can tear it down."
    5. sandandfoam
      It was a great program. I think he's great myself. I'm looking forward to his time with the Israelis next week.
      The man has balls. See when he met those masked guys and the suicide bomber - that took courage. He seems very even handed in his approach. I'll be interested to know what you thought of the program.
    6. sandandfoam
      Hope you have a happy and a prosperous one!
    7. England my lionheart
      England my lionheart
      Hi Kai,Happy new year,i love the Avatar,my favourite part of that Movie is the Fishing trip,its such a cool Film.
    8. .lava
      well, i am sorry for the effect. i am also glad to have you here.

      you know, i don't wish to argue with you. i would not but only today it happened. and it was not because of you but because of other members. i can not accept we Muslims perceived as threads or potential maniacs. that is just unfair.
    9. .lava
      hehe :) jellyfish incident of RF has started by a thread of Mickiel. he says he found some similarities between jellyfish and atheist. he was joking i believe. then people began to make jelly fish their avatars. i just thought i should join the public :)
    10. sandandfoam
      hi Kai,
      I was over in your country yesterday and today in Birmingham at a bike show. It was great. :) I bought myself 'Task Force Helmand' for the trip, a great read. I was wondering have you read it?
    11. .lava
      thank you. i remember that incident. sad.
    12. .lava
      :D talk to you later
    13. .lava
      i don't think politicians are playing honestly. matter of fact, i think only if we could send all politicians to another planet then maybe there would be peace on Earth.

      so, i am unsure. they may seem like on good terms but it takes a few hostile sentences to make them go into war with each other. seems like everything stands on a very thin line, noone really knows who's going to support who in the next step.
    14. .lava
      IMO world is not changing in the way humanity needs.
    15. .lava
      he is also talking about 'a change'.
    16. .lava
      that's very kind of you, Kai.

      i've just finished watching interview with Ahmadi Nejad. it was live. i find him little creepy.
    17. .lava
      thank you, Kai :) how are you doing?
    18. sandandfoam
      LOL I can relate to your feeling about Europe.
    19. sandandfoam
      Hiya Kai,
      How's life in the UK today? I see Cameron has decided to surrender to Europe too. Bloody politicians :)
    20. .lava
      Middle East is about to go into bigger war that includes Turkey too. we expect WWIII actually. we'll see what happens in time.

      i like the picture. i did not know he was a nice looking guy. his older version usually scares me.
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    April 11
    the cuckoos nest


    "If we donÂ’t learn English, how on earth will we do business with the Chinese?,"

    Ugandan President Yoweri Museven